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Delivra is a radical marketing automation software that allows users to build and reach to their target audience with the power of cutting-edge automation and lead scoring tools using email and SMS marketing. This software is packed with drag-and-drop editor for designing emails along with advanced list building tools that accelerates reaching and nurturing the contomers. Moreover, all these functions can be automated in such a way that the user has to make the minimum efforts to get the maximum output. Delivra is an email marketing software. Delivra can be used to send messages, procure more subscribers, automate the available content, and improve the overall success of the company. Delivra doesn't only provide exiting marketing experiences but also does it practically. They also present a demo for those that are curious.

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Delivra Quick Info

Every marketer wants to get the most out of the time, he invests in his business, and that’s why marketing automation is necessary for everyone who promotes their business digitally. Delivra serves this purpose very well; it can be used to build subscribers list quickly, reach the audience efficiently, automate the process with ease, and improve with every campaign. Its multichannel marketing approach boosts the engagement and leverages the customer response that results in increased ROI.

The most comprehensive way to spread the news about one's product is by marketing. And currently, marketing via emails is one of the best mediums to do so. But sending emails for the purpose of marketing is not as easy as it sounds. But one straightforward method to streamline this sophisticated process is by using Delivra. By using Delivra, users can rest easy and think about what they want to do instead of worrying about how they're going to do it part. Delivra believes that making a connection with the customer is much more important than just selling a product. Delivra is what it is today because of their team. They have staff that has designed beautiful templates and features and also a great support staff. Users can get a glimpse of their work on their website. Delivra has also previously worked successfully with different groups such as universities, agencies, and online retailers, among others.

Automation at Ease

There are plenty of ways to do email marketing all over the internet. However, Delivra differentiates itself by providing automation with improvements opportunities like A-B Split Test, Click Tracking, Reply Filtering, and many more. People were suffering from complex setup, a time-consuming process, and inconsistent results in old age automation software. Delivra made a drastic change in this conventional methodology and brought software to facilitate marketing automation at the user’s fingertips.

Create the email you need in minutes

Creating captivating emails with Delivra is one of the simplest methods to do so. Users can create emails that are profound and effective in mere minutes. Delivra provides customers with an array of templates that are vibrant and pleasing. These templates are responsive on all devices, and customers don't need any prior HTML experience to use these templates. Customers can also perform any adjustments they want to these templates by employing Delivra’s drag and drop method. Besides this, customers can also crop and resize images, adjust the formatting of the text, and more to make their emails unique.

Fulfilling Marketer’s Need

Just sending simple emails or SMS to subscribers may not be enough for a marketer; instead, for efficient marketing,  a refined perspective on all other related aspects is essential. Delivra fills this gap and provides all tools required to reach the desired outcome of a marketer. This includes prebuilt email templates, email builder, newsletters, list building and segmentation along with social sharing. Automatic lead alerts, welcome emails, transactional emails, and email nurturing take the marketing to the next level. Furthermore, powerful integration with CRMs, Commerce Platforms, and Analytics Tools makes Delivra stand out among all other competitors.

Emails and much, much more

Delivra strives to make sure that the customer's email looks perfect on all devices and clients. Delivra conducts over 30 different previews, showing their customers how their emails look on every email client. Users can review and change these emails as they like until they're fully satisfied. But Delivra is not only about sending emails. Users can reach out to the community in new ways via text messaging. Messages such as discounts can be sent to the community using Delivra's automated SMS tools. Not only this, but users can also send newsletters with the simple click of a button.

For Beginners to Professionals

While most software in the market may be overwhelming for new users and many software may be too simple for an advanced user, but Delivra stays on the top of everything and fulfills every marketer’s need. It displays deep insights and reports that marketers of any level can understand. Besides, it improves campaign performance with testing and strategic support. Additionally, if the user gets stuck at any point, Dalivra has a dedicated team to train, support, and guide the user to help him get the desired outcome.

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Company Name: Delivra

Founded In: 1999

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