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Dynatrace provides application and network performance monitoring software with no gaps and boundaries. It features visibility and collaboration, fast performance, continuous delivery process, any transaction tracing, gap-free data, simplify and automate complexity, eliminate false alarm, one solution for every application, and more. It offers various plugins, including SharePoint, IBM, Liferay, Oracle, and Apache HTTP Server.

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Dynatrace Quick Info

Dynatrace is a popular name in the field of Application Process Management, Monitoring, AIOPS, and DEM. It began as dynaTrace Software GmbH, in 2005 at the place Linz, Austria. The entire process in their SaaS is automatic, uses full-stack and AI at the core, and has enterprise scaling. It has big customers like Porsche, FTD, AIR Canada, Alitalia, Kroger,  DISH streaming, etc.

The main task of various features of Dynatrace includes the act of monitoring and managing the software application’s performance and usability. It is mostly utilized by SMEs & large businesses, and operates on popular OSs like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It can also be castoff as an API.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring

Dynatrace has induced dedicated resources for advanced monitoring of applications and their full-stack. It offers a full assessment of front-end, back-end, cloud, and its infrastructure. It often monitors live data for performance and other metrics. It often traces dependencies and transactions. The central panel involves quick info about the application with a list of problems, hosts, web checks, services, databases, application health, and UI experience.

Their monitoring interface is sleek, as well as in-depth. It deals with capturing and optimizing all transactions, real users and customer complaints, and collects user actions, load actions, XHR, JS errors, etc. All of these are displayed with geographical data. It also hosts a self-learning APM, i.e., Application Process Monitoring. It uses advanced AI technology to do so. It can trace all the data of the app stack from a web browser of the users to its container, infrastructure, and even the cloud interface.

The graphs linked are interconnected among applications, services, processes, hosts, and data centers. As for the customer issues, its interface helps in resolving them quickly and accurately. It uses Business transaction analytics to yield info about dynamic requests, CPU time, response time, method used, response code, and other details. The AI tech helps in resolving the root cause and location of application failures. As per their claims, this AI analyses trillions of events per day.

Overall, Dynatrace is known to aid in many services across tech industry giants like Amazon AWS, Apache HTTPs, Azure, Mesos, Nginx, OpenShift, VMWare, and many more. It helps in automizing cloud operations and improves overall application performance. Its UI is designed for advanced users, and so it has a higher learning curve.

Top Features

  • Monitoring Applications Transactions
  • Application Transactions Optimization
  • Detect & Diagnose Problems
  • Analyzing User Transaction
  • Viewing Application Performance
  • Automated Anomalies Detection
  • Automated Issues Detection
  • Built-in Collaboration
  • Capturing Timing Context
  • Capturing Code-level Context
  • Managing User Experience
  • Discovering & Mapping Applications
  • False Positives Elimination
  • Constant Noise Elimination
  • Diagnose Application Errors
  • Facilitate Collaboration
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery

Company Information

Company Name: Dynatrace LLC

Founded In: 2005

Address: 404 Wyman St Suite 500, Waltham, MA, USA

Facebook ID: Dynatrace

Twitter ID: dynatrace