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E-conomic is a popular Dutch e-commerce site that offers accounting services to over 130k companies worldwide. Started in 2001, E-conomic has 200+ dedicated staff and is owned by Visma. Apart from accounting options, they even teach about the product series and related business via their online courses. E-conomic even gives a 14-day free trial to try their accounting software.

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e-conomic Quick Info

The plans in the accounting setup offered by E-conomic are quite extensive and reliable. They even offer charge-free account migration with moving balance, records, account plans, and other customer data to the current setup. The product is marketed for businesses of all sizes. The accounting setup can be accessed from either the desktop application, tablets, or mobile phones.

E-conomic Accounting Overview

E-conomic provides three major solutions in its accounting solutions. It offers E-conomic Startup, Small Business, and Professional, costing $17.4, 27.5, and 52.5, respectively. The Startup solution is targeted for smaller companies and basic accounting. It has basic functions and tools for billing, accounting, and reports. E-conomic Small Business garners well-settled small and mid-sized companies with advanced accounting needs. Similarly, for a larger business, Professional edition is the most suitable. It has a financial budget overview, workflows automation, and charge collections.

E-conomic Accounting Plans

In the basic plan, only 1000 entries are offered per year. Under the billing section, it offers invoices by email, preset layouts, and e-invoicing. In the accounting section, they offer financial accounting, taxes, currency managers, and data export. Reporting and Analysis are offered too, with an income statement, balances, revenue stats, VAT reports, credit cards, and inventory reports.

Small Business plan has about 2000 entries/year. Some additional features like website builders, orders via emails, reminders on emails, etc. are there. Admins can design the templates of any order or offer on their site. Once the balance is loaded, it can also handle the banking via reconciliation. Reports can be exported from the supplier payments, CSV imports from banks, and have added a selection of the language. The accounting tools of basic, as well as small business plan, are included in the enterprise version.

The Professional E-conomic version some essential modules for bigger companies. It offers dimension tools to look at each department of the company and its income or expenses. Budgeting here offers to budget for multiple departments of companies. It even has an auto-banking and accrual section. Overall, E-conomic is a reliable accounting tool serving many companies.

Company Information

Company Name: Visma e-conomic A/S

Twitter ID: economicAPI

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