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Edmodo allows you to create a digital classroom to connect and collaborate with students and parents. For teachers, it allows you to assign homework, manage progress, schedule quizzes, create student groups, store data, mobile apps, and more. It features quizzes and polls, planner, progress tracker, classroom resources, global educator communities, customizable practice games, and more.

Top Ten Edmodo alternatives are (1) Blackboard (2) Instructure (3) SuccessFactors (4) Schoology (5) ProProfs (6) Moodle (7) Haiku Learning (8) Litmos (9) LearnDash and (10) Grovo

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15 Alternatives



15 Alternatives

Top Edmodo Alternatives

Edmodo Quick Info

Edmodo is an online platform or say network that brings all the learners and teachers under one roof connecting them online; thus, creating an online classroom. Not only the teachers and pupils, but the platform also allows the parents to sign in and keep an eye on their kid’s progress. There are various tools and features for teachers, students, and parents to pacify their work.

The Edmodo Teacher

You need to create separate accounts to log in as a teacher, a student, or a parent. With every account you can different tools, features, and rights. If you are a teacher, you get a conversation window to connect with your students. You get tools that allow you to share quizzes, assignments, and information about any upcoming activity. You can also communicate with other teachers to improve your skills.

The Edmodo Student

After acquiring a classroom code, you can register in the network as a student. You do not need to provide an Email Id necessarily. For a student to enter a locked classroom, the approval from the respective teacher is required. You do not need to create separate accounts for classrooms; one account is enough to enter all the classrooms.

The parent

As schools have regular parents and teachers meeting, Edmodo also allows parents to track the progress of their children. You need to create a parent account on the platform by using the parent code. Multiple accounts can be created with a single parent code, provided that the email address is different. You can also communicate with the teachers to know more about your child’s performance and progress.

Everything else

The platform is available in many languages; you can choose the language that suits you the most. Edmodo is more of a social network that allows the knowledge seekers to get in touch with the right people to gain and polish their knowledge. Teachers would also find it useful as it helps them improving their skills. Finally, the allowance of constant invigilation of parents keeps everybody contended and ensured about the studies and on-going learning.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Social Learning
  • API Access
  • Groups Creation
  • Group Messages Sending
  • Communication Stream
  • Filtering Streams
  • Managing & Viewing Communication
  • Assignments Attachments
  • Assignments Due Dates
  • Viewing Embeded File
  • Receiving Feedbacks
  • Quizzes Creation
  • Multipel Question Types
  • Managing Events & Tasks
  • Tracking Assignments
  • Tracking Events & Project
  • Tracking School Activities
  • Teacher Libraries
  • Student Backpacks
  • Profile Page
  • Awarding Badges
  • Publisher Communities

Company Information

Company Name: Edmodo, Inc

Founded In: 2008

Address: 1200 Park Place 4th Floor, San Mateo, CA, USA

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