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eTracker is a web controller suite, which provides more than a tracking service for your website. It gives you the ability to get the most comprehensive data about your website traffic, and use the data to improve your website quality over time. With a clear user interface and dynamic real-time tracking, the data is delivered in the most detailed yet simple report. There are three basic pricing plans offered by eTracker: Silber Edition, Gold Edition, and Platinum Edition.

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15 Alternatives

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eTracker Quick Info

Data privacy regulations ensure that internet surfers get the privilege of a private browsing experience without the annoyance of cookies. But for businesses, this may mean a dead-end in their data-driven marketing. Here, e-Tracker provides a GDPR-compliant analytics solution. It comes with over two decades of experience in web analysis and push-notification marketing. As a software solution, it helps you design and conduct successful marketing strategies by making the process of understanding your audience data fun and insightful, with or without a cookie. You get full access to raw and audience data for intelligent web analysis with zero opt-in obligations.

Maximum data power with complete opt-in freedom

With the default configurations of eTracker, you are good to go even without any cookie information. Its cookie-less analytics can track your visitors’ time and journey on your website even without consent. And no, you need not worry about violating any internet laws from the data privacy supervisors. You also have the Opt-in option where eTracker uses its recognition technology to track and store customer data even beyond seven days. Use eTracker mobile and web push notifications to display relevant news to customers that will bring them back to your website.

Dig deeper into product and web page analysis

No matter how much you try, without an understanding of your webpage and product performance, reaching your full potential will feel burdensome. Therefore, eTracker Analytics comes with interactive dashboards and data visualizations, so you have access to all the crucial information on your phone, desktop, or tablet. Recognize trends, react without any delay, and optimize your website and campaign. Drive higher rates of engagement and conversion with on-site messaging and integrated A/B testing. See how far and how long your visitors scroll with UX analysis and create different versions of your website for them for a more personalized experience.

Seamless integrations within seconds

Plugin integrations couldn’t get easier or faster! Download, install, configure, and you’re good to go! Control your campaigns by syncing Google Ads with eTracker. All your conversion data will be automatically imported and will now be available in the ads account. From social media link clicks to pdf downloads, record all information by enabling automatic event tracking. The integrations also bring CSS selectors and wizards, which you can use to tag configurations without any coding. Plus, you get assured data protection and data sovereignty with a solution that is easy for your entire team to use.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Multiple Domains
  • Web Analytics
  • Marketing Controling
  • Campaign and Target Analysis
  • Shop Analysis
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • App Control
  • Mouse Tracking
  • Satisfaction Analysis
  • Data-driven Website Optimization
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Dynamic Real-time Analysis
  • Extensive Online Marketing Controlling

Company Information

Company Name: etracker GmbH

Founded In: 2000

Address: Hamburg, Erste Brunnenstrasse 1, Germany

Facebook ID: etracker

Twitter ID: etracker_com


Ideal For
  • Small Business
  • Mid Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Custom Quote
  • Cloud

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