By: apilayer GmbH.

Offers legally binding online signature services for individuals, small businesses as well as medium sized businesses. The company provides secure solutions to get paperwork done online. They include various services from financial and legal documents to sales and HR-related documents. These includes various NDAs, contracts, Board Consents, Agreements, Business Contracts, Customer's deals and much more. It is a multi-platform system which can be accessed from anywhere.

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eversign Quick Info

Eversign is an e-signing tool that facilitates organizations and businesses in building smoother and faster workflows and procedures. A lot of the procedures in organizations require authentication and authorization from several departments. And in most of these organizations, the processes are carried out online. However, when it comes to authorization, they still follow the traditional procedure of printing the document, signing it and then again scanning it back into the system. This process is cumbersome, time-consuming and adversely impacts the environment around us.

Why use e-signature tools like Eversign?

Using e-signature tools like Eversign can be a great way of easing the process and making it more environment friendly. Documents signed using Eversign are legally admissible in the United States and Europe and can be enforced in the court of law. The tool additionally offers users with the option of converting their physical signature into e-signature and even design a different e-signature. The tool also offers reliable safety and security features and the users also get the option of exporting and importing documents.

Document management options

The tool also offers an inbuilt document editor that helps users to edit PDF documents. The tool also offers options like in-person signing and audit trail that enable users other than the owner of a PC to sign directly on the PC and also maintain a record of all the e-signatures. Additionally, the tool also offers the option of creating templates for frequently used forms and use them whenever required. This helps teams to speed up routine procedures and execute plans quickly.

Team management

The organizations can also delegate signing duties among its various employees. Owners can add employees from different teams on to the tool’s dashboard and assign them with the power to e-sign documents. The tool also offers useful integration options with tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote among others. All-in-all, the tool offers a wide variety of features that score highly on both functionality parameters as well as convenience parameters. The tool can greatly reduce the time taken to complete procedures and help organizations in achieving greater productivity.

Top Features

  • Legal Validity
  • Legal Compliance
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Documents Security
  • Schedule to Expire
  • Document Editor
  • In-Person Signing
  • Audit Trails
  • Premade Templates
  • Multiple Businesses
  • Team Accounts
  • Contact Management
  • App Integrations

Company Information

Company Name: apilayer GmbH.

Founded In: 01 Jan 2017

Address: Haberlgasse 12/4, Wien, Austria


Ideal For
  • Startup
  • Small Business
  • Mid Sized Business
Pricing Model
  • Monthly Subscription

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