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Exoprise CloudReady is a thorough monitoring tool and SaaS product for all the apps in Microsoft Office 365, and its other cloud services like SharePoint, Skype, Azure, etc. Operational since 2009, Exoprise CloudReady has been quite popular for end-to-end visibility, finding and fixing issues, supervise and examine changes, and improve the performance of the system. All this is part of real-time performance monitoring and helps in isolating the issues in the network and postulate the solutions quickly.

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Exoprise CloudReady

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Exoprise CloudReady Quick Info

Exoprise CloudReady comes in the form of various solutions for several needs. The package has multiple solutions ranging from Office 365 monitoring to digital experience, UCC & VOIP, RDS, remote app, SaaS synthetics, etc. Among these services, there are some basic features and benefits of using Exoprise CloudReady.

CloudReady Start over Services

Exoprise CloudReady has an end-to-end user perspective via Active Monitoring. It has STM, i.e., Active/Synthetic Transaction Monitoring, used to emulate, monitor, generate network path, and create reports. Exoprise Service Watch is passive monitoring for end-user recording, via extension named, end-user experience metrics. It is supported for any device, any application, and every Office 365 app and integrations.

Instant Data transfer CloudReady

The monitoring also involves sending information via active notifications, webhooks, sockets, etc. It even lessens the MTTR with the help of crowdsourced data. The Integrated Intelligence Services offer to review both sides data in real-time. It also scans the Email protocols and other queues via Message Queue Monitoring. It even boasts thorough TSL & SSL Monitoring.

Problem Solving with Exoprise CloudReady

Exoprise CloudReady not only identifies the issues in the SaaS services, but also suggests solutions. It has an all-accessible network intelligence called BusOps. The reports help in solving real-time issues, diagnostics, and older issues. It measures various aspects like incident type, duration, frequency, uptime, downtime, MTTR, SLA metrics, and many more. The stats can also be compared with other products as Cloud-Sourced Monitoring. The UI shows network paths, their performance history, and also various testing areas covered by CloudReady.

CloudReady UI Interface and Services

The drag-n-drop UI with a personalized dashboard also features an embedded console for personal and public SaaS products. The SSO feature enables integration with any SAML provider. It has even integrated Office 365 Service Health, which can be automated by using PowerShell.

The UI also supports team-based collaboration and role-based monitoring & control via RBAC. Most collab features are akin to usual cloud services. The integrations involve hybrid features like alarm notifications, email hooks, Splunk, MS System Center, ServiceNow, and many other webhooks. Its API is used for exporting data across MS Power BI, Excel, and several more management suites.

Overall, Exoprise CloudReady is a perfect solution for all the cloud management needs of MS Office 365. The setup of CloudReady is comprehensive and provides real-time info and solutions, thereby improving all-round cloud performance.

Top Features

  • Digital Experience Monitoring
  • Network Transformations
  • VOIP Monitoring
  • Saas Monitoring
  • Exchange Monitoring
  • SharePoint Monitoring
  • Integrated Office365
  • Continuously Monitor Apps
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Extremely Secure
  • Faster MTTR
  • Long Term Trending
  • Instant Benchmarks

Company Information

Company Name: Exoprise

Address: 260 Bear Hill Rd. Suite 207, Waltham MA 02451, USA

Twitter ID: exoprise