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Expensify is a software that helps individuals and organizations maintain a track of their expenses and related details in a simplified way. It helps them save their valuable time and effort that would’ve got wasted in just logging the expenses. It can be used via the cloud or through apps for mobile phones running on Android and iOS.

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Expensify Quick Info

Modern organizations have expanded by leaps and bounds to serve their customers all over the world, and similarly, the world has seen the rise of billionaires who have made it big due to their intelligence and effort. What’s common in both? Time and Effort. Those who have made it large understand how conserving time is of utmost importance even if it requires them to pay for it, as the time gone in menial tasks is worth more if they utilize it elsewhere. Expensify is the perfect application for customers and organizations of this segment as it gets them rid of tracking and logging transactions or expenses.

What makes Expensify different?

Expensify makes it super easy for users to keep track of their finances in every manner. Expenses? Receipts? Invoices? Expensify gets everything covered under one interface. What makes Extenisfy a massive hit among its users is its ease of use. You just got to click a photo of your receipt through the application, and that’s it. Expensify takes care of the rest, thanks to the artificial intelligence in it. The app scans the receipt through photo clicked and extracts the details out of it and saves them in the log. No more manual input, get a click, and finances get handled, just like that.

Logging and tracking features are just where the Expensify gets started. It also goes on to organize all the scanned receipts through code, making it easier for users to access them whenever needed. An exciting part of all this is the multi-currency compatibility. Expensify efficiently manages payments made in different currencies and even lets users sort those transactions accordingly so that they get to see which trade gets them most benefit.

The perfect business partner

Expensify also helps organizations of all sizes with Approval Process Control. The system can be automated, and the software will automatically send the business expenses and get them approved from the concerned authority without the need for user input. It can similarly handle reimbursements, thus saving an organization with a lot of time and effort at all levels. Apart from these features, some other significant functions of Expensify include syncing with accounting software, card reconciliation, and approving workflow at multiple levels.

Want the perfect expense tracker application that syncs with accounting software of firms, get approvals and reimbursements done, and organizes all of it cleanly. Get Expensify.

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