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Expensya is an expense management software platform that also has reliable reporting capabilities. Its simple interface and numerous features make it a must-have for every company on the globe. Its automation ability is the cherry on top, which allows the accounts department to always stay productive while lessening the pressure. It can be used to oversee various types of financial operations right from a mobile.

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Expensya Quick Info

A business that excels at its management processes is a smooth one. Expensya is a financial and reporting software that helps companies manage their financial procedures like reimbursements, business expenses, and more through a single, mobile-enabled platform. It optimizes accounting operations through its extensive integration ability and automation. Its solutions are also very scalable, which makes it a useful addition to a company’s digital arsenal regardless of the area of its operations or the types of its products. With Expensya, companies can ensure that their time is of the essence at all times.

Automated reporting with Expensya

Expensya effectively automates every process related to expense management. Its reporting solutions are also digital and completely compliant, making it a more cost-effective solution to heavy paper and document-based reporting systems. Since the process of filling up data is done automatically, the accounts department can insert large bills with full details in its financial reports, giving companies the holistic view that they deserve. This saves a lot of time and the reports are kept securely in one place, so accessing them is easier. The operation is performed on an online platform through the desktop or the mobile app.

Digital reporting empowered by AI

The Expensya platform uses an innovative approach to read the data available in receipts, invoices, and other financial documents, which involves the use of OCR-based computer vision and complex machine learning algorithms. The OCR algorithm is designed to read out all the data in a digital format from a physical cash memo, while the platform itself processes the data and finds out the important numbers on the slip. The platform can also be integrated with existing fintech infrastructures for more effective reporting and number crunching. It even contains a powerful business intelligence module to make sense of financial data.

Taking reporting mobiles

Expensya promotes an uninterrupted workflow that allows finances to be processed on the go through its multi-platform support. It supports both Android and iOS platforms, which means that employees can scan their invoices from their phones, anywhere, anytime.

Company Information

Company Name: Expensya

Founded In: 2014

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