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EZFacility is an online fitness and sports team management software that deals with the online management of fitness clubs, gyms, personal training and sports teams. This simple application allows you to operate and control your Fitness business or club from your EZFacility account. It can manage almost all functioning including employee management, scheduling, member management, invoicing, online registration of customers, etc.

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EZFacility Quick Info

EZFacility is a division of Jonas Software that specializes in Club Management markets and operates several independent software companies globally.

EZFacility is a provider of web-based software solutions for sports and fitness related businesses all around the world. With all tedious administrative tasks automated, EZFacility makes it easy to run a health club. The staff can focus on providing quality service to members rather than putting in all their time in scheduling and account keeping.

Advantages of using EZFacility

Since it is a SaaS solution, there is no hardware or software investment. With just a working internet, the solution is good to go. Staff and client check-in functionality helps track the traffic and manage reports. Online registration and waitlists let customers have visibility over the club without actually being there. The organization of tasks becomes simpler, which increases productivity and ROI.

Custom App

Humans spend a lot of their time on smart-phones. A custom app by EZFacility for any business is, therefore, more engaging to customers than visiting a website.

Push notifications on promotions are a great way of being connected with the customers. Check-in check-out timings of their trainers come in handy and save clients time. Online booking or cancellation and payment systems, through mobile wallets, make access to the club easy.

The app is made available in both Apple and Android app stores. All this attracts customers as everything is manageable in their hand-held devices.

Additionally, it serves as a production measuring metric. Which class has the most bookings made? Which promotion received the best interests? Which trainer is most sought after? What is the download rate of the app? All of this is easily measured in the app which helps evaluate the success of your club.

Setting up the custom app

Steps to build your app easy too. The clients' website logo and overall schema are maintained in the design of the app. The layout of the branded app is designed by taking in all the clients’ needs and inputs. The app is launched only when it is made to their satisfaction and approved. The app is easy to update and any new requirements are taken up by EZFacility and materialized in no time.

Other perks

EZFacility renders RFID member cards and biometric to facilitate real-time facility calenders. They have membership plans for clients tailor-made to their needs.

EZFacility presents a fast and secure online solution that fits any athletic facility or sports club. It is simple to try, purchase, operate and most trusted by members all around the world.

Top Features

  • Scheduling & Managing Facilities
  • Scheduling Trainer & Instructor
  • Managing Customer Relationship
  • Tracking Locker & Equipment
  • Rentals & Special Events
  • Full Access Control
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Scheduling & Managing Leagues
  • Managing Registration
  • Member Self-service
  • Processing Credit Card
  • Processing ACH & EFT
  • Branded Mobile Application
  • Managing Membership
  • Package Sales & Attendance
  • Tracking Invoicing & Payments
  • FrontDesk Check-ins
  • Photo ID Passes
  • Photo Player Passes
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Marketing Tools
  • Point-of-Sale Integration
  • Tracking Payroll & Commission

Company Information

Company Name: EZFacility, Inc.

Founded In: 2003

Address: 67 Froehlich Farm Boulevard, Woodbury, NY, USA

Facebook ID: EZFacility

Twitter ID: ezfacility