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FanBridge is a smart application that automates the way online marketing happens. Firms dependent on digital sales leverage the capabilities of this tool. The framework transforms users into long-term prospective customers with its end-to-end automation channels. It uses intuitive means to woo users and gain market attraction.

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FanBridge Quick Info

FanBridge provides customizable options to firms enabling them to reach users of their preference. Social connectivity platforms can be personalized with this system. Selected groups of customers can be focused to promote services and products. Enterprise initiatives can be articulated to a wide range of online visitors in the least time. Email-based access to end-users can be invoked dynamically. The application has contributed to an upswing in the use of digital platforms available to liaise with entities in the supply chain, line agents, and last-mile personnel. It has a robust software backhaul to sustain the business.  


Easier to tag users and respond to queries


The application helps marketing teams to segregate online visitors to their sites based on their expectations. Including like-minded people into a characterized group or database is enabled. Answering their questions and flashing predefined responses at once is an inherent feature. To notify specific user groups about offers or discounts, schedulers to send emails with photos are inbuilt. Customers in other groups can be barred from receiving irrelevant details. Live streaming over email chains with compressed file sizes is triggered. Monitoring if a recipient is likely to involve or ignore the initiative can be instantly tracked with real-time status boards. 


Enables toggling between different channels


The framework provides interactive user interface elements and windows to swap users from one social connectivity platform to the other. Adding new users, editing their preferences, and discarding passive ones is dynamic by setting timelines. Sending information on promotional updates through all platforms or discarding anyone is easier. Restricted advertisements to selected user groups across all platforms or promoting an initiative all groups in a single platform can be planned. Sending the same information on a summit, conclave, or new product launch multiple times can be automated with timers. A hyperlink is shared than loading the communication with more content.


Helps to keep the momentum alive


The application provides instant and user-friendly options for a product marketer to prompt a user to submit their reviews. Likeness and perusal of clients can be fetched with pre-built formats that collect data. Mining information of users and routing it to the inbox of the customer relationship teams happens cyclically. The tool drives the business in a self-managed fashion. Users are rated as normal, critical, and top. The physical constraint of any kind is overcome with any overrides or mismatches. Welcoming new entrants with compliments, helping them revisit their prior consent, and acting on their recommendations are other value-adds. 

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