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Flashtalking is an ad serving platform aimed at powerful, intelligent and efficient ad marketing. Flashtalking’s intelligent ad serving platform gives publishers access to a powerful interface to create user-targeted ads, deliver ads on websites, mobile apps and other platforms, and track ad revenue through automatic reporting, analytics, and data visualization. The campaign management tool makes it easy to create ad campaigns and to monitor them.

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Flashtalking Quick Info

Headquartered in New York, Flashtalking started its cloud-based marketing software in 2001. Flashtalking is chiefly for small and medium-sized businesses. It is an ad serving and tracking company that supports advertisers and agencies in digital advertising products, services, and maintenance on all platforms.

Flashtalking is a global ad server for all ad agencies who wish to enjoy absolute control over their data. An 'ad server' is an 'advertising technology' implemented to manage and operate online promotional campaigns.' It helps to accurately target the ideal audience, which in turn results in increased brand recognition and response rate.

Flashtalking provides some of the most efficient solutions to advertisers to make their various campaigns successful by supporting them manage, deliver and track digital ads on all platforms.

Data-driven creative personalization

 Apart from primary ad services, Flashtalking provides a 'Decision Tree' interface to assist advertisers with complex decisions and targeting, based on customers browsing activity, circumstance and context. It's data-driven messaging empowers advertisers to personalize one-on-one cross-channel communications to customers.

Identity management with people-based marketing

Flasktalking's FTrack enables privacy-friendly cookie-less tracking to measure customer engagement. When cookies are blocked by the user, their activities are unreadable by ad servers as against when the cookies are enabled and an unobstructed view of customer interactions is available. FTrack converts cookie rejection into a useful measuring metric for advertisers to continue to be confident in their ability to take digital advertisement to new heights.

Certification program

Flashtalking provides a certification course for all its clients to encourage them to keep up with the ever-advancing ad technology. The courses provided are tailored to the needs of the advertisers in carrying out their campaign to an overwhelming success.

Top Features

  • Ad Serving Platform
  • Efficient Ad Marketing
  • Powerful Interface
  • User-Targeted Ads
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Analytics & Data Visualization
  • Campaign Management Tool
  • Technical Development
  • Creative & Data Support
  • Simple Cost Efficient
  • Advanced Rule-Based
  • Data Visualisation Tools
  • Dynamic Content
  • Third Party Analytics
  • Unique Insights
  • Direct Marketing Strategy
  • Interactive Preview
  • Conversion Measuring
  • Measuring Solution
  • Tablet & Desktop Activity
  • Greater Consumer Confidence
  • Device Targeting
  • Powerful Ad Targeting

Company Information

Company Name: Flashtalking, Inc.

Founded In: 2001

Address: 44-46 Whitfield Street, London, UK

Facebook ID: flashtalking

Twitter ID: flashtalking