By: Flinto, LLC

Provides iPhone, iPad, and Android prototyping software that allows you to design better mobile apps faster. It features visual screen connection, real-time screen updates, automatic link drawing, instant upload, super-smooth transition, fixed header and footer, and more. It allows you to start testing your prototype in the sketching phase, instead of the development phase.

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Flinto Quick Info

Human being today is living in a world of apps. The app is a software application that runs on a mobile device. It acts as productivity assistance. The success of an app lies in the fact that what it is being used for, but it is also true that attractive designer apps can catch the attention of people.


Flinto is a mac app that has the functionality of creating attractive, interactive, and animated designs for the app. It supports both macOS, iOS, and the newer available OS. It has a very easy methodology that can efficiently create the prototype of the design.

Working of Flinto:

The creating procedure of the design prototype starts with creating a new document that has a screen size matching the size of your target device. After creating, you get the facility of editing the properties of the document, which includes the size of the screen, addition of a home screen, changing of the default status bar, background color, and addition of show tap hints that highlights the links. You can also choose between points and pixels. It also has the provision of zooming and moving around the canvas. You can cut, copy and paste content and even undo or redo changes.

How it makes your work easy?

It enables you to add, delete, rename, expand, and even duplicate screens. It gives you the option of creating and adding links and gestures to your prototype design. You can also use interactions and animations that occur in a single screen of your prototype to create effects that seems to be real.

What makes Flinto unique?

The presence of Flinto’s transition designer helps in designing transitions between the screens. The behavior design feature helps in creating realistic designs. The vector tools available with Flinto help in designing an interactive user interface. You can have a preview of your prototype by using Flinto’s iOS app. It allows you to attach audios and videos to your design that makes it appealing. You can also add animation by using the 3D rotation tools available with Flinto. It provides you with various tutorials that help you in understanding the working procedure of the Flinto app.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Prototypes Creation
  • Teams Management
  • Payment Management
  • Screen Sizes
  • Status Bar
  • File Formats
  • Dropbox Syncing
  • Screens Updation
  • Screens Selection
  • Screens Delete
  • Rename Screens
Fixed Areas
  • Slicers Creation
  • Positioning Precise
  • Multiple Slicers
  • Snapping Slice
  • Drawing & Targeting
  • Back Links
  • Ignoring History
  • Links Selection
  • Moving & Resizing
  • Copying Links
  • Links Transitions
  • Timer Linking
  • Links Grouping
  • Editor Basics
  • Add Screens
  • Editing Preview
  • Zooming & Setting
  • Sharing View
  • Duplicating & Deleting
Sharing & Installing
  • Sending Links
  • Password Protection
  • Tracking Links
  • Quick Linking
  • Web Previewing

Company Information

Company Name: Flinto, LLC

Founded In: 2013

Address: 855 Folsom Street, #935, San Francisco, CA, USA

Facebook ID: flintobox

Twitter ID: flinto