Fluid UI

By: Fluid Software Ltd

Provides fast and friendly mobile prototyping software that allows you to visualize the flow of your mobile apps. It features wireframe library, unlimited pages, unlimited projects, unlimited uploads, project cloning and archiving, project sharing, export screen and HTML, saving to libraries, and more. The software includes online editor, Android Player, and iOS Player.

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Fluid UI

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Fluid UI Quick Info

Have some amazing app ideas in mind? Looking forward to turn it into reality?  Does the app-building scares you, as you don’t know to code? Concerned about the budget? Well, you no more have to be. You can do all these things with a fluid UI. Fluid UI is a breath-taking prototyping tool, which is a canvas for your creative imagination.

Take out that splendid idea out from your head and turn it into reality with fluid UI. Fluid UI is a prototyping tool which is browser compatible and was developed by Fluid software. Fluid software is an Ireland based company that majors in the field of software development.  Fluid UI was founded in 2010 by two entrepreneurs Dave Kearney and Ian Hannigan.

What does it do?

Fluid UI is a web browser wireframe tool which is used to create app user interface. A person can login into the account and drag the things on the screen and have a preview about how the app is going to look like.

The software is developed so user-friendly that it does not have any complications. Any layman will be able to create his own prototype following the given procedure. Fluid UI allows iteration and collaboration of user and client.

You can preview your created layout and present them to your clients. You can upload and handle your interface very carefully with fluid UI. Sharing feedback and collaboration are the default features of Fluid UI. These features are provided to all the customers which make the process of app development and feedback there cup of tea.

What you can do with Fluid UI?

  • With fluid UI you can unleash your creativity. As prototyping is easy and a layout of your interface can be developed in minutes, you can run your imagination wild and bring your ideas to life.
  • The software is fast, easy and very interactive you can have fun while creating your prototypes.
  • You can collaborate with many people at the same time which provides you many inputs and suggestions at the same time.
  • It gives you the freedom to choose whatever style you need as there are both high and low fidelity.
  • Fluid UI can be accessed from anywhere, from whichever browser you login from. This helps you to design your layout Anywhere you want.
  • You can test your prototypes on mobile phones and then get suggestions using collaboration.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Libraries & Uploading
  • Gestures & Transitions
  • Collaboration & Feedbacks
  • Version Controlling
  • Instant Preview
  • Simple Sharing
  • Flexible Archives
  • Reusable Designing Patterns
  • Unlimited Creativity
  • Smart Camera & Zoom
  • Visual Linking & Screenflows
  • Widgets Customization
  • Exporting Options
  • Clone Projects

Company Information

Company Name: Fluid Software Ltd

Founded In: 2010

Address: Fluid Software 9 Ralph Mews, Newtownpark Avenue,, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland

Facebook ID: FluidUI

Twitter ID: FluidUI_Team