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FlurryAnalytics is a mobile analytics platform provided by the Yahoo Developer Network, which helps to measure, analyze, and track your app performance. It allows you to optimize the mobile experience, gain big insights, perform complex queries, log user sessions, track user events, log errors, and more. The service is provided to you free of charge.

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FlurryAnalytics Quick Info

Flurry is one of the most trusted and potential platforms for app analytics. It is the world’s first online platform which launched iOS and Android app analytics solution in 2008. It has served millions of customers and many companies throughout the world and have come up with the best solutions. They help other experts to build apps in the way public demands the most of the features provided are very much interesting and are free which fulfils the users demands.

Service or Products Provided by Flurry

Flurry provides the feature of tracking the events on mobile about your users that what segments they are using and then accordingly you can update your app. It also helps you to make trackable segments that will help you to find more engagements on your apps and so that a greater number of people use your particular app. You can easily note down all the required steps that the user should make while doing a particular activity. Flurry also provides you the best of all that is the audience insights that is very much important to understand that from where your app is being mostly used and by whom, what group of age it is more preferable and how many times it has been used. Thus these services are provided in order to understand the pattern of use of one’s app and on the basis of which one can do some improvisation so that their app would be used more.

Solutions Offered by Flurry

It helps you to improve your user acquisition and let you know the different combinations of audiences of your app and their interests. To improve you acquisition it provides you with attributions. It also gives you the proper way to understand the events or objects that are needed to be there in your app completion of which is expected by the user for your app and move from one step to another smoothly. Last but not the least, it helps you to understand the pattern of app user’s retention. How we can acquire more along with converting most of the users to loyal users. This engagement of the mobile app users is more important and it is where Flurry is very good at.

Other Important Features

Here you are having the feature of push notifications which helps you to be in touch with your app users regularly and can monitor them on a regular basis. Whenever they need some assistance, they surely come up with the best of solutions for them. Mobile crash analytics and reporting helps to reach the root cause of any serious issue with the app or with the app user to eradicate the cause be it anything and smoothen the functioning of the app.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Activity Measurement
  • Activity Analysis
  • Mobile Application
  • Managing App Portfolio
  • Complex Analysis
  • Application Selector
  • Grouping Application
  • Tracking User Actions
  • Visualizing Usage Trends
  • Conversation Funnels
  • Cohorts Reporting
  • Usage Reporting
  • Funnels Reporting
  • Retention Reporting
  • Understanding Users Interests
  • Demographics Segmentation
  • User Acquisition Analytics

Company Information

Company Name: Flurry Inc

Founded In: 2005

Address: 360 3rd Street Suite 750, San Francisco, CA, USA

Facebook ID: yahoodevelopernetwork

Twitter ID: ydn

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