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Follow Liker is marketing software for Twitter. It helps in automating the tasks involved in social media operations. It helps in optimizing and increasing followers. It manages the social media accounts in a faster way. It helps in increasing the engagement rate.

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Follow Liker

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Follow Liker Quick Info

Social Media has become a prominent platform on the Internet for various activities ranging from socializing to conducting businesses. But to get engagements and followers, you need to manage the account in the correct direction and in a proper way. Follow Liker software helps in this optimization process.

Twitter Edition

This is a reliable and powerful marketing tool. It is a multipurpose software. It automates Twitter tasks. It helps you in gaining more followers. It manages the marketing strategies needed for your Twitter account. You can use the auto-follow users feature of this software in which it follows according to location, topic discussion, language, and many more. You can also use an auto-unfollow user feature where it unfollows the people who don’t follow you back. It can also limit the unfollows per day, make a list of users not to be unfollowed, etc. It helps in spreading your tweets throughout the day. You can use the auto-tweet and auto-retweet feature of Follow Liker.

Instagram Edition

This edition also contains the auto-follow and unfollow features like the Twitter Edition. You can schedule the automatic uploading of photos on Instagram by using this edition. You can avail of the facility of auto-like and unlike options. You can build a list of blacklisted users that should never be followed. You can add and use multiple accounts with the help of Follow Liker software. You can view the number of followers of each account. You get the facility of scheduling tasks.

Pinterest Edition

This edition also comes with the auto-follow or unfollow features as available in Twitter and Instagram editions. It gives you the option of sharing the pins automatically. There is the availability of auto-like or unlike pins. You can also automate the process of commenting on the pins. You can create a list of blacklisted users.

Tumblr Edition

It keeps your profile of Tumblr active by automatically posting engaging content on your Tumblr accounts. You can use the feature of auto-like or unlike blogs. You find users to follow based on the keywords. You can make use of the public as well as private proxies with every account of yours. You can send direct messages for communication.

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