GAIN is a content generation and approval platform that enables businesses and marketing agencies to streamline their content approval processes. The client can approve or ask for changes in the content using their smartphone and they can do this instantly, without the need for any separate login.

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GAIN Quick Info

The modern-day marketing strategies revolve around content. Success on new-age marketing channels such as social media is all about creating engaging and enriching content continuously. Customers on social media are continuously looking for content that entertains and engages them and businesses that are able to crack this content conundrum showcase better performance on social media.

From memes to customer testimonials to creatives, the content can be anything. However, producing such content continuously on a daily basis is seldom easy and requires a dedicated effort from a team of content generators. Businesses do not find it feasible to so on their own and hence outsource the job of creating content to digital marketing and content marketing agencies.

Creating simpler workflows

The digital and content marketing agencies are experts at creating the desired content day-in and day-out. However, these agencies find it difficult to manage the content for multiple clients at once. They have to juggle between multiple tools and applications and this frequent switching between windows becomes cumbersome after a certain point of time. Therefore, to optimize their workflows and better manage the work at hand, these agencies use content generation and approval platforms such as GAIN. The platform facilitates agencies in managing the content for multiple clients by offering a common dashboard. The users, in this case, the agencies can easily track the progress of each client and also keep the clients in the loop.

Why use GAIN?

The platform offers features that allow users to upload a variety of content to the platform’s dashboard. Additionally, cloud-based storage platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox can also be seamlessly integrated with the GAIN for increased convenience to the user. The content approval workflow differs for every client. Some clients prefer to have more departments on board while some prefer to keep the workflow short and sweet. Therefore, the agencies need to create custom approval workflows based on the requirements of different clients and GAIN helps them do so.

Organize and simplify

Additionally, the platform enables users to create social media posts and also sends a preview of those to the clients. The clients can instantly approve or ask for changes. If the post gets approved, the users can use the scheduling publishing options provided by the platform to publish the posts. Moreover, the content calendar option on offer keeps a track of the published content as well as the content waiting in the pipeline for better transparency and management.

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Company Name: GAIN

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