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Global commerce is a group of manufacturers who work towards enhancing global commerce and improving consumer value. It involves keeping a track of how goods, services, information, and money is exchanged in a globalized society. Digital River is a company that provides global E-commerce. According to a study, the worldwide retail E-commerce sales totaled $1.86 trillion in 2016 and it is expected to rise to $4.9 trillion by 2021.

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Global Commerce

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Global Commerce Quick Info

Going global has become a necessity with increasing international integration. We are now focusing on borderless business, selling products and providing services beyond national borders. The main aim is to attract customers from all over the world and to gain their trust. This is possible by online sales and marketing. Customers are switching to international brands to meet their needs. This is due to better product quality and service availability. Customers are willing to pay any price to get what they are looking for.

Need and challenges faced

Digitalization is breaking all borders. This is a golden opportunity for businesses to expand their market. The emerging wealthy middle-class consumers are switching to shopping from online merchants. This rapid expansion of E-commerce is bringing in a lot of benefits for entrepreneurs and customers, especially in countries like China, Brazil, Poland, United Arab Emirates, and India, where E-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate. However, global E-commerce presents major challenges – choosing products that are suitable for the overseas marketplace, making the products look appealing to the customers, managing payments, shipping of products, managing the profit margin after cutting the tax costs.

Foundation for a strong E-commerce network

This requires taking into account – a local market trend of each country, technology adoption, delivery, financial structure, import taxes, and government restrictions. Countries all over the world speak different languages. For expanding your network internationally, adopting different languages becomes a necessity. Another good idea would be looking into a market where English as a second language. For establishing yourself in the market, your payment system plays an important role. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to local payment preferences. In the end, a major factor in customer satisfaction.

Digital river – Global e-Commerce

Digital river helps build your store quickly and accelerates global expansion. The Digital river focuses on Commerce with Accountability. It provides global E-commerce with salient features as – multi-currency support and conversion, tax calculation and management, fraud screening and liability guarantee. Digital river gives us the benefit of local acquiring, offering the right local payment method.

Company Information

Company Name: Digital River

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