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Gram can be a social media marketing tool specialized for the functions of Instagram. Using this nifty tool, all the essential Instagram handles of the company can be managed automatically and efficiently. It can manage several functions, including posts, followers, and likes, and can give companies the social media leverage they need to succeed.

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Gramto Quick Info

Social media accounts are an essential aid to a company’s digital popularity, as they help them connect with their followers around the world in a cheaper and effectual manner. While handling these accounts can be a chore in itself, the routine processes can just be easily automated. Gramto helps companies by doing exactly that for their Instagram accounts. It is capable, and it will lead companies to success.

Instagram posts @ Gramto

Gramto has several automation tools in one SaaS, and one of these is the Auto Poster. The Auto Poster, as suggested by its name, automates the Instagram handle in a way that no human intervention is required for posting stuff. Gramto can post several types of things, including simple image posts, groups of images arranged in the form of albums, Instagram stories and also, videos. These posts have different mechanisms for setting off. For example, the user may get Gramto to schedule an image to be posted on a particular day, or set a story on a certain holiday.

So many ways to fetch content

Gramto ensures that the company will never be out of content, and for that, it supports all major graphical content types supported by Instagram. Additionally, it also supports several ways to fetch that content from storage, all too easily. Supported cloud storage systems include Google Drive, OneDrive or even Dropbox, from where Gramto will automatically fetch and post content. Users may even employ Gramto to fetch data directly from a selected PC or such an internet-connected device. Another great thing about Gramto is that it can also save captions following the post, which improves engagement.

Some extra automation to gear up the account

Other than the Auto Poster, Gramto also has an Auto Follow, an Auto Unfollow to complement it, Auto Repost, Auto Like, Auto Comment and so, so much more. When all these tools are used in congruence with each other, the result is a fully-automated, self-managing Instagram account, which follows the most appropriate accounts or hashtags, unfollows unrequired ones, likes latest posts, sends DMs and automates all routine processes.

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