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GroupM is one of the largest media marketing company with over 32k employees and more than 300 offices in 100+ locations. GroupM was designed in the year 2003 as part of one of the WPP Groups, including names like Media Com, Neo Media, Mindshare, etc. They have about 32% hold over world media, which makes them leading in world media billings.

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GroupM Quick Info

GroupM is tied to about 12 agencies that offer marketing solutions. The powerful marketing comes exposed on several platforms like TV, internet, and other advertisement platforms. Many big organizations like Unilever, Ford, Uber, Google, Nestle, etc. have partnered with their services.

GroupM Marketing Products

They deliver their services via client services, media strategy, media investment, data science, and technology development. Many of their agencies and brands are supported by manual as well as AI-assisted marketing methods. Mindshare is one of their prominent tech partners that is one of their leading associates. It helps with assistance in innovative marketing, with faster teamwork and dedicated resources. Mediacom helps with a better standing in the media sections. It uses systematic and innovative strategies and techniques for developing communication, which can lead to better brand values and sales.

GroupM Xaxis & Wavemaker

Wavemaker is another media house that utilizes media content, advertisement methods, and the latest technology to achieve the desired branding goals. Essence media services are used for advanced analytics and marketing techniques. It has more than $ 4 billion in turnover, 50+ API integrations, automated safety checks, and more than 130+ campaigns running in the current market. M/SIX has projects under the partnership of GroupM and The&Partenership groups. Some of the big clients using the m/SIX services are Lexus, News Corp, TalkTalk, Toyota, and many more.

Xaxis is their media outcome front giving brand-safe media, with expert opinion and a team of data analysts, data scientists, along with multi-targeted behavioral and environment-based targeting, it can offer the best AI copiloted marketing interface. Motion Content Group is the provider for international rights management and worldwide content investment interface. Operating from London, they engage with 29+ countries and use various resources to develop, fund, and distribute related content for the projects.

They’ve funded 500+ projects with 100+ producers and more than 180 broadcasters. Like this, Finecast, Gain Theory, and Kinetic are other typical marketing tools and products included in the GroupM package. GroupM owns all the above groups, which leads them to the marketing techniques and businesses.

Company Information

Company Name: GroupM

Twitter ID: GroupMWorldwide

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