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Handshake is the platform that is utilized to keep manufacturers and distributors in contact with their customers efficiently and innovatively. The application makes it extremely easy for businesses to maintain their supply chain and keep a log for it without getting into the hassle of manual data entry and calculations. It can be accessed directly through websites as well as mobile apps.

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Handshake Quick Info

With increasing globalization, organizations must keep their supply chain intact and serve their customers timely. The same applies to manufacturers as well. Managing all this can turn out to be a daunting task, and headache only gets more significant with managing all the data from the sales team. To help business owners cope with these problems, Handshake turns out to be a handy software platform as it maintains all the logs from the sales team and lets manufacturers and distributors remain in touch.

Time to join hands

Whether it be supplying to local distributors or selling directly to customers, Handshake turns out to be an outstanding Business to Business eCommerce platform for everyone involved in the supply chain form manufacturers to sales reps and even customers. It helps organizations with purchasing in bulk, managing payments, and even promoting the business. It was named in Top 20 eCommerce software by Capterra in 2019. Also, it should be noted that the product comes in two parts named as Handshake Direct and Handshake Rep.

Handshake Direct is basically like an eCommerce platform that allows customers to place an order at any time in the day directly through the website or its phone app. At the same time, Handshake Rep is the application for the sales force of an organization that helps them keep the log of everything ordered or sold. Handshake also allows organizations with Email marketing, Multi-channel marketing, and even with Customer Relationship Management so that organizations do a lot more than selling.

What makes Handshake stand out?

While there may be many apps across many platforms for managing businesses, Handshake is one of its kind because not only it connects everyone is supply chain so seamlessly, but it also allows for offline ordering. Yes, it is one of the unique applications in this aspect and lets the sales rep do entry even in offline mode, which gets synced to the platform as soon as they come online next time. Apart from this, it also maintains the customer database, manages the shipping of orders, and keeps an eye on inventory as well. Business gets comfortable with Handshake.

The eCommerce platform also facilitates business with promoting the business, analyzing customer behavior to improve the platform, taking care of inventory, and assisting customers with a large number of payment options. It also makes communication with customers quickly so that organizations can serve clients with personalized solutions if possible.

Want a business management app that connects every element of the sales chain, makes data entry and inventory management easy while also promoting the business? Time for Handshake.

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