Handy Cafe

By: Ates Yazilim Tic Ltd Sti

Handy Cafe is a free internet cafe software which includes wifi hotspot, monitoring, content filtering, membership accounting, and many more. It is a utility deployed on the client computer for remote administration protocol. The software was written using latest technology and concept. There are many features that contribute the software more elasticity and skill. Some of the unique features include multi-language, remote management, print tracking, application management, user queue, firewall, etc.

Top Ten Handy Cafe alternatives are (1) Connectify Hotspot (2) Antamedia (3) Wavespot (4) HCSpot (5) mHotspot (6) Hotspot System (7) Turnstyle (8) Purple (9) Thinix and (10) My Wi-Fi Service

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10 Alternatives


Handy Cafe

10 Alternatives

Top Handy Cafe Alternatives

Handy Cafe Quick Info

It is an excellent software that aligns multiple features and advantages of smooth working into one. It is not only cost-efficient as it is free but also provides several advantages to the internet cafes, military, libraries, hospitals, schools and hotels which use them. It is the innate function of this software to optimize the system and accelerate the speed of your functioning. It is designed to have excellent multimedia functioning and reduce the possibility of errors in your company or system

Total control over accessibility

Handy Café has undeniable benefits to start with. It has the flexibility, elasticity, skill and easy structure for it to be used by anyone and everyone in network media. It also has a wider range of options which can be used by internet cafes for keeping the sanctity and rules of their café alive. It is remarkable how certain advantages and definitive features like monitoring clients, zero mobility required, and tracking of members made easy and smooth and creation of another language is also possible with Handy Café.

Security and Privacy is also taken care of

With adequate remote management and superb transformation of screenshots saved from different pages, it is not only essential for the smooth functioning of the desktop but also indispensable for a healthy momentum to be maintained inside the system. With the rapid transformation of the speed of how the world functions, it is of utmost importance to have a system that undeniably has excellent application management.

Deriving endless support

It is not only an important support system to have developed software that renders itself fully to those who employ it to make their system a more active and functional one. With rules and conditions set by you, it shall ensure that the café/school/institution functions without any errors. They have received authentic reviews from many customers and users who have recommended suggestions and customizations for their systems and adore the features they can have in this system which allows them to have maximum control over their activities.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Monitoring Client Computers
  • Member Accounting
  • Multiple Language Supported,Remote Management
  • Desktop Screenshots
  • Usage Timers
  • Tracking Printing
  • Generating & Exporting Reporting
  • Unlimited Cashiers Accounts
  • Cafeteria Menu
  • Wake-up Computers
  • Easy Log-In & Log-Out
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Shutdown & Reboot
  • Managing Applications
  • Multiple Pricing Schemes
  • User Queue
  • Adding Badwords
  • USB Protection
  • Messaging & URL Redirecting
  • Advertise & Banners
  • Full Customization

Company Information

Company Name: Ates Yazilim Tic Ltd Sti

Founded In: 2003

Address: Barbaros mh. Feslegen sk. Uphill Towers A1 Bl. D:101, Turkey, Atasehir, Istanbul

Facebook ID: HandyCafeCom