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Happay is a software that handles the expense management system. This system is also an intelligent management software that contains Happay prepaid visa cards. These cards are manageable from the desktop as well as mobile. The employees can use these cards for their travel expenses, utility payments, fuel, etc.

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Happay Quick Info

These cards are alternative to the other debit and credit cards. The card has a link to the Happay cloud-based expense management software. The software can be controlled from any mobile device or web.

Happay Cards

The employee can track the expenses through this card. The card can be used by the employee for business expenses. Happay is more like a corporate card. You can load as well as withdraw money with the help of these cards. Happay provides you with real-time tracking of the expenses. You can also control the spending done through this Happay card.

Travel and Expense Management

Happay enables you to have control over all your expenses related to travel. You can also automate compliance with the help of Happay. This software can plan your trips and route the respective travel request to the respective manager for approval. Happay simplifies the complete process of travel management. This product also provides you with all the details about your expenses done during the travel automatically. You don’t need to fill the expenses manually. It submits the report on time. Happay makes sure that the travel expense is policy compliant.

Employee Benefits

This software digitizes the benefits and allowances of an employee. The software also offers discount coupons and offers in electronic form on the Happay cards. The employee can also claim tax benefits without any trouble. Happay benefits the employee because he has to carry only one card to avail of so many offers and services. The card has a wider acceptance all over the world. There is no expiry date. The card is secure with a PIN number. A hassle-free KYC procedure is there.

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Company Name: Happay

Founded In: 2012

Twitter ID: LiveHappay

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