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Hatchbuck is a sales and marketing software for small business designed for its simplicity and efficiency. It provides three important automation tools for your business, including email marketing, small business marketing automation, and small business CRM. It is offered in three different pricing options, including Starter, Standard, and Deluxe plans.

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Hatchbuck Quick Info

Are you looking for a marketing agency? Need help to promote your business or product? Hatchbuck is here to help you in a very pragmatic and professional way. It is mandatory to contemplate a well-curated marketing strategy to attract customers. Hatchbuck is the best marketing and sales solution for start-ups ad small scale business.

Hatchbuck started back in 2012in Silicon Prairie to help businesses with sales and marketing. Hatchbuck is a customer-acquisition software for people with small businesses to grow their businesses. It is an all-in-one destination for sales and marketing which combines various services such as email marketing, customer-relationship management and marketing automation. It helps people to know their potential customers who are interested in their product and contact them easily through their services.

Utilize the services for best marketing techniques

The services provided by Hatchbuck works on the concept of - fast, excellence ad precise. It offers you to stay organized to capture new leads from the website, help them to get know the content you provide ad steadily convert them to your regular ad loyal customers. The other services like - 

  • Managing your content with a proper follow-up, as to when the customer is ready for the purchase
  • Automated check to keep a tab on the success rate without having to check manually all the time, comes in handy.

Email Marketing   

This helps you to build branded emails. It offers various Pre- customized email templates to give your email a professional look without any coding (Great help to non- coders). Also, if you are a good coder, then you can use your creation for your emails with the help of their source code editor. Also, it tracks your email link and let you about the customers opening your email or visiting your website. Email reporting is also a help to tell which email is being liked and which needs some improvement.

Marketing Automation

Automation is a great help to reach your customers. You can use various automated actions to track your leads and can also set autoresponder which sets your introduction with your customers. They offer automated drip campaigns that automatically send your email from time to time and helps you to ease the conversation with the customers. Hatchbuck alerts you for hot leads exhibiting the buying behaviour. Thus, it helps you to judge and invest accordingly.

It also offers some optimization tools such as pop-up forms, Scroll box or embedded forms which helps you grow your subscriber list and accordingly turning them into your customers.

Services and the features for a better sales pitching

Hatchbuck provides a “fit in all” system that helps in finding a solution to your different business needs. They provide timely solutions with marketing automation without having to indulge manually in locating emails, engage in social media for promotions, etc. It looks into the CRM process as well to get in steady connect with the customer for the betterment of the business. Also, with Real-Time sales alerts, Hatchbuck provides precise timing for sending out the required information and alerts.

The simple step of drag and drop form builder enables the users to keep an easy process to move the material from one space to another without any problem. The Hatchbuck services also help website track to retain the lost customer if the need arises. One cannot be available 24/7 to respond to emails and queries, but customers should be attended with an immediate response without making them wait for a long period. Here, Hatchbuck comes in to play; they provide the user with unique service of autoresponder emails. They are quick and need of the hour solution. 

With Hatchbuck services, you can enjoy flawless, professional benefits for your business to work efficiently. Not only it makes your work run sufficiently, but it also helps in establishing and marketing your product reach worldwide.

CRM & Sales

The main aim of the hatchbuck is to help in increasing sales and CRM. The dashboard gives you real insights into the customers visiting and liking your product. It helps to know the potential customers who are interested in your product through Inbox conversations & Filter and segment which filters out the people which shows readiness to buy. With this real-time tracking of the leads, Business people can approach their customers on the right time. Also, it offers you to import your existing contacts on the dashboard.

Top Features

  • CRM Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Nurturing Engine
  • Building Online Forms
  • Importing Contacts
  • Tagging Contacts
  • Segments Creation
  • Sending Targeted Communications
  • Tracking Webpage Visitors
  • Emails Creation
  • Email Templates
  • Marketing Campaigns Creation
  • Scoring Tags
  • Managing Tasks
  • Tracking Pipeline
  • Integrate Email
  • Importing Contacts
  • Triggered Campaigns

Company Information

Company Name: Hatchbuck

Founded In: 2011

Address: 911 Washington Ave, Suite 828, St. Louis, MO, USA

Facebook ID: Hatchbuck

Twitter ID: gethatchbuck


Ideal For
  • Startup
  • Small Business
  • Mid Sized Business
Pricing Model
  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Cloud