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Hexometer is an online tool to monitor and analyze websites. An automated AI-powered engine that scans over 2800 data points on the site analyzes the results and generates a detailed report about the glitches detected. It monitors the health of the website regularly(Weekly/Daily based on the plan) and helps the site owner to keep the website up-to-date with industry standards. It also offers useful tips and suggestions based on the report.

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Hexometer Quick Info

Hexometer is very easy to work with.  Just pitch in the site's name in the search box provided and the system will flesh out a detailed report about the site's health in less than half a minute. The report is orderly produced with ten different subheadings classified based on the glitch and usage to analyze and correct the errors.

Report Analysis

The report heads the page with a clear and eye-catchy screenshot of the website opened on three different devices - SmartPhones, Tablets and Desktops, followed by pie chart analysis of the different file types present on the website and the total size of each one. It also offers suggestions on how to optimize the website assets to minimize load time. Domain Whois is easy to look up at the left of the report and contains details about the site's domain name, creation date, updated time and expiry date for the owner to verify the details. 

It has five checkers as mentioned below:

  • Broken Links Checker,
  • Meta Tag Checker,
  • Tech stack checker,
  • W3C validator and
  • SSL checker to optimize the site

Broken Links checkers scans the site for any dead hyperlinks. It is important to take out dead links or the Google crawler will remove the site from their index. Page and Meta Tag provide details about the site to the search engine. If the meta tag is missing or broken, it offers a suggestion to correct the errors. Tech stack checker detects 60+ stacks like e-commerce plugins, databases, frameworks, marketing tools, and more for the user to review them. Finally, W3C validator checks the source code with the recent W3C standard, and mismatches are flagged appropriately.  SSL Checker checks the SSL certification of the site. It is important for the site to have SSL certification. If the SLL Certification is missing,  Google will flag the site as unsafe.

Page speed scanner checks for the load time of scripts used in the site and lists the details in a bar chart. The users can identify the slow loading script and correct them. The paid users can opt for periodical scanning to identify the website's downtime and the reason for the crash.

Don't look elsewhere

Most businesses already have a website for sales and most of the sites are properly designed. Hexometer helps them detect such technical uses missed by the developer and helps them correct them accordingly. The tool has most of the checks needed for a website and one need not look elsewhere. 

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Company Name: Hexact

Founded In: 2019

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