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HeyOcra is a calendar and content platform for your clients who are active on social media. Unlike a basic media scheduling tool, HeyOcra makes it easy to organize, and handle several social media accounts of multiple clients at once. Its a tool designed for social media managers. It manages content and calendar of clients like no other.

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HeyOrca Quick Info

If you are a social media manager struggling to get approval for the content in time, and finding it hard to manage the calendar for several clients, HeyOcra is the right choice you can ever make. It simplifies content approval and schedule planning processes. It not only saves time but also gives a professional approach to social content management in bulk. Clients are, in turn, happy with the quick response time, which helps them in their social campaigns.

How does HeyOcra help in social media planning?

HeyOcra has a highly visual and user-friendly calendar for content management, scheduling, and approval. As soon as a post is created, the user can preview the content as it would look when published as HeyOcra makes sure this is done automatically. The views in the calendar can be filtered and viewed in advance or older posts can be checked out too. All with just clicks and right filters.

The content can be grouped according to tags and campaigns on a granular level. Easy drag and mark event strips to track and share both internally and externally with clients or with your team. HeyOcra provides demo channels to preview content before publishing as mockups and eases the approval and planning of content in advance.

Internal team management with HeyOcra

HeyOcra also helps organize your team of experts in content management. Since all management tools are available on a single platform team collaboration is made easy with additional drag and drop calendar tools, bulk action support and visual previews. A single calendar for the entire team to follow, connect and schedule content. Plan, approve and publish content as well as other features like import and export of events in the calendar, feedback and comment view, can be handled on the HeyOcra platform.

The content to be approved can be easily shared via a link, unlike old times when you had to send documents and attachments. It is also user friendly with the approval process made easy with just comments and mentions. As everything is achieved with just clicks and on a single platform, time is saved and hence more time for productive and creative ideas to flourish within the team.

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Company Name: HeyOrca!

Founded In: 2015

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