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HiStats is a free web analytics tool that provides unlimited traffic monitoring, with various features that give you valuable insights about your site performance. It comes with a solid privacy control, detailed report, real-time data, Geo-location, and log analyzer. It can be installed in any type of website, and the installation procedure only requires you to add some lines of codes into your website’s HTML page. You can choose between hundreds of counters that you can install on your website.

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Histats Quick Info

Histats is an online tool to track and analyze the traffic or visitors on any website. This service is completely free for any website owner to use till the time they desire.


Histats is a completely free website to login and get started. Users need not worry about security as the website is highly secure and does not ask many details from its userbase. It’s lightning-fast and gets updated every second, thereby providing the user with precise data. It can also track the visitors if they visit often or regularly and get their details to the user, which gets them the idea about what content is being perceived as most interactive.

A math lover? The website has got you covered as well, as it provides a vast log analyzer for deep inspection for traffic and lets the user control and inspect the stats & traffic from 300 sites on one account at Histats. All of this still doesn’t compromise a user’s privacy, which is an essential element to any service.

Info served easy and good

Histats has an easy user interface that allows users to customize the dashboard as per their comfort by being able to choose from over 600 visual templates for the stat counter, which includes even transparent and hidden styles. It also provides detailed reports and logs of everything possible with regards to the website. It can facilitate the account user even with geolocation of traffic, which they can use to analyze the geographic origin of most audience and then produce the content accordingly.

The website can also be used to attach a counter (visible as well as invisible) on the website from which users want to obtain data. This counter in the form of gif or even normal button tracks where the most traffic clicks on a particular website page and what content is being accessed by most traffic. In case users come across any crash or problem, they can go on Forum or Facebook page to report a complaint regarding the same.

A newbie in the world on websites? Have Histats at your back.

Top Features

Core Features
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Full Real Time Statistics
  • Online Visitors
  • Unlimited Traffic Stats Retention
  • Geolocation
  • Browser
  • Toolbars
  • Languages
  • Hardware info
  • Referer sites
  • Search engine
  • Social networks
  • Visited urls
  • Visited Page Titles
  • Customized Events/Variables
  • Downloads/Clicks
  • Hourly Analytics
  • Daily Analytics
  • Monthly Analytics
  • IP Exclusion
  • Control Panel with Stats
  • User Access Management
  • Full Privacy Control
  • Invisible/Visible Counter
  • Configurable Counter
  • IP Tags
  • IP Tracking
  • Visitors Path

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