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Holded is an online utility of products that aid in sales and purchase management, along with support for CRM, accounting, invoicing, and project management. Formed in 2015, Holded has quickly turned to be quite useful and is used by over 20k companies globally, including names like Luzio, Freshly, Snap, Colvinco, Spyoptic, etc.

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Holded Quick Info

Holded offers an intuitive cloud interface that offers multiple features for accounting, invoicing, project management, and CRM. It also offers integration with external tools like PayPal, Dropbox, Amazon, Zapier, WooCommerce, etc. Holded comes in four subscription plans, out of which they offer a 9-day trial version for the paid plans.

Holded Cloud Accounting Features

For the free plan, the target is defined for less than 50 invoices and about 25 contacts. It includes two free users, client/supplier tools, creating invoices, quotes, and assessing purchases/expenses. The other three paid plans are Holded Starter, Standard, and Pro, which costs €10, 25, and €50 per month. They also offer some add-ons like Holded Teams, Inventory, Accounting, and has the cost of EUR 10 for each added user in any of the above plans.

Holded Accounting Plans

Under the Free Plan, users get access to 50 invoices/year, 25 contacts, and up to 25 items in the listings. They can send quotes, manage pro-Forma, and expenses in it. It also offers an exhaustive inventory management and client supporter too. Free users can try OCR invoice readers or make electronic invoices. Admins can add tags in products and exchange them across various API. Holded Started pack is much suited for smaller businesses and individuals. It allows 500 invoices per year, 100 contacts, one bank, and up to 100 products in the e-store. It even added support for invoices in the inbox and multi-currency support.

Holded Standard is useful for small and mid-sized companies, with support for 1000 invoices, 500 contacts, and up to 500 products. Apart from the Starter pack features, it has added cashflow, sending documents, e-taxes, and user roles/permission. Now, Holded Pro is a fully-fledged tool for a bigger business setup.

It has 3000 invoices/year, 2000 contacts, unlimited banks, and 2000 contact list. With this, admins can customize user permissions, use magic emails, reconciliation, and advanced reporting. It even allows the corporate portal, recurring invoices, and bank remittance. The Inventory Management add-on costs $25 per month with stock or item management and moving. Holded can truly work for most organizations looking for quick and user-friendly accounting work.

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Company Name: Holded Technologies SL

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