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HostBooks is an automated cloud-based platform for accounting which helps manage businesses in a very effective manner by using the latest technology and also combining them with traditional accounting solutions. HostBooks helps reduce the time involved in compliance, pay-outs, inventories, and even receivables and helps manage the overall accounting process in an easy and very effective manner.

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HostBooks Quick Info

In today’s market, companies must have their own powerful and efficient software for the accounting processes to be carried out efficiently. HostBooks helps to perform the accounting process through an automated cloud platform which is very efficient and is a must-have tool for any business.


The best features available 


With the accounting process performed using cloud-based technologies, it is very easy to keep track of our business anytime and from wherever we want. The expense management tool is essential and very easy to use too. It enables us to efficiently perform payments and even audit expenses performed made by employees very easily. As the entire work is automated, the processes of billing, invoicing and reconciliation, which is repetitive, can be performed very easily and efficiently too. Moreover, the cloud software offers 10GB free storage space, which comes in handy whenever required.


Powerful tools to help our businesses


The software enables us to create invoices in a very effective manner and helps us to get paid faster. The Inventory Management feature helps keep track of sales and various stock levels. We can easily connect with our bank to get and segregate various transactions. The software is highly secure and very flexible too. It automatically takes care of backups, updates and other maintenance issues too in a very effective manner. There is another feature which helps to import and export our data like invoices, bank transactions and orders. This tool is very important and efficient.


Why this software is a necessity


The software provides very Optimal reports which provide details such as accounts, payable accounts, payrolls, profit, etc. Access is provided based on roles of professionals; this is very effective in securing our data and other applications. We can automatically get bank transactions on a daily with automated feeds from banks. The Smart business analysis tool uses AI and helps account our data. The software helps in making our business hassle-free and more efficient too. 


We can easily sign-in to the Client Management portal to view all-out business and accounting needs efficiently. These powerful tools and features provided by HostBooks make it a necessity for any business to reduce expenditure and also increase profitability.

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