By: inFakt is a polish software product offering accounting services and business management. Started in 2008, this accounting software has 100+ accounting partners in Poland, 14 million+ invoices generated, 400k+ app users, and even been awarded several times by national awards. They offer multiple solutions based on requirements like accounting, invoicing, etc., making it quite customized to use.

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inFakt Quick Info

As for inFakt, multiple plans cover different features of any accounting solutions. These are Invoicing, Accounting, Accounting Office, and Company plans. They cost about $3, 9.5, 31, $0 per month. In the invoicing program, inFakt is used merely for the creation of invoices. In the invoicing section, they offer support for the cloud as well as mobile applications. The users can export the invoice in PDF or email formats. Business Management

It allows list creation for customers, goods, and other services. Users can add tax notifications as well as credit alerts too. The entire invoices can be tracked with the report tool.

In the Invoicing section, many support tools are also provided. Under the liquidity protection, the user gets access to invoice financing, current expense financing, and debt collection too. They also offer a secure interface to invoices, file security, and VAT payers. This makes invoicing quite simple and secure. Accounting

It has added features in the support section, like use cost photos ad sending them via email. It also uses a multi-user account for sharing and secure cost invoicing via emails. Under the liquidity protection, we get ZUS/tax financing and leasing for cars/machines. Payment services are a crucial part of this accounting. They have added faster payment services for ZUS, taxes, or invoices. Each invoice is generated with a payment link. Reminders are sent for left out payments via mobile. Users can transfer collective payments too.

In terms of security features, we get tax law compliances and TFA. The accounting services here are basic with 24/7 accounting, cost reading, generate several declarations, invoice photos, and tax liability protection. Under the Advanced Accounting plan, inFakt adds support for a personal accountant, tax returns, HR & Payroll, and inFakt Switch too. Other than this, most of the features are the same as in the basic accounting plan. There is a free trial account for new companies too. The company service plan can help in creating a new company after the purchase of an Advanced Accounting plan. inFakt has indeed quite strong and reliable accounting and business management services.

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Company Name: inFakt

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