InfoTracer provides the platform that allows you to perform unlimited background checks to uncover detailed information about any person. It provides the comprehensive background reports that consist of criminal records, arrests and warrants, court records, marriages and divorces, as well as assets. InfoTracer delivers detailed information that includes contact information, social media and web, professional licenses, and relatives & associates. It offers a comprehensive background check database that is always updated.

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Infotracer Quick Info

With private data being more accessible, it is much easier to hunt down someone. Also, a lot of information is obtained via social media, emails, and other public or private accounts. However, to get more details about an individual, we will have to indulge in other means, i.e., either get some acquaintance to background check someone or use products that provide these services. Among them, Background Checkers are quite popular search tools on the internet. They are the white pages or yellow pages directories that provide multiple information about an individual.

InfoTracer is one such background assessment tool. Functioning since 2010, InfoTracer is one of the many reliable sources to find detailed background info about a person. It has delivered tons of records and data about many people across the USA. They claim to have about 2 billion records. The data includes multiple things like name, surname, phone, residents, conviction records, etc. However, things can go south in case this data falls into the wrong hands.

How Does InfoTracer Help in finding Background Information?

Although it may sound a bit suspicious, InfoTracer aids the legit users in getting data on suspected individuals. There are multiple methods through which InfoTracer collects citizen data. Keep in mind that they only collect the data of US citizens. However, any person outside the US can also access this information. Its coverage is for all 50 USA states. They state their goal to become a provider of secure and accurate data of citizens.

There are certain areas where InfoTracer is very useful. These areas include searching for old friends, online dates, addresses, your roommates, property records, criminal records, and many more. However, they advise against searching tenant info, employee checks, discriminatory searches, ID theft, or harassing someone.

Another thing is that users can do targeted checks in InfoTracer. This is done by using filters for arrests, criminal records, civil disputes, phones, emails, etc. It even has a facial-recognition search. They even provide on-spot support assistance. Users simply need to create an InfoTracer account to begin the checking process. After that, one can do searches for someone’s name, address, bank and credit records, court, police, criminal records, inmate check, and much more.

Overall, InfoTracer is a good source of getting to know your new neighbor, roommate, etc. It has an improved UI and is affordable than other background check services, and even allows removing your personal info from their sites.

Top Features

  • Most Trusted
  • Get Hidden Information
  • Get Criminal Records
  • Contact Info
  • Huge Data Search
  • Instant Background Report
  • Fast Data Process
  • Up To Date Record
  • People Search
  • Get Business Data
  • Find Vital Records
  • API Access
  • Professional Support Team

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