By: Awareness Technologies, Inc.

InterGuard is a cloud based software that provides tracking for workers and remove users, Filtering web data, prevention of data loss and recovery module for anti theft issues. The application easily tracks and records all the activities over multiple workstations and helps in blocking in a remote aspect. It keeps tab over the emails, chats and uploads screenshot over the cloud account. No need to buy and setup up different hardware and works without a network too.

Top alternatives to InterGuard

  • Refog
  • StaffCop
  • SentryPC
  • Flexi
  • Workexaminer
  • Spector360
  • Teramind
  • Activity monitor
  • HT Employee Monitor
  • iMonitor EAM
  • OSMonitor
  • Pearl Echo.Suite
  • Browser Reporter
  • NetNanny
  • Qustodio


15 Alternatives

Top InterGuard Alternatives

Top Features

PC Monitoring
  • Recording Email & Webmail
  • Recording Social Activities
  • Keystroke Logger
  • Recording IM Chats
  • Monitoring Websites
  • Continuous Screenshots
  • Tracking Used Applications
  • Tracking Website Searches
  • Keyword Alert Notifications
  • Tracking Printed Documents
  • Tracking Geo-location
  • Tracking Files
  • Deleting Critical Data
  • Filtering Website
  • Moving Confidential Data
  • Blocking Programs
Web Filtering
  • Recording Web Searches
  • Recording Web Surfing
  • Bandwidth Utilization
  • Blocking Categories
  • Blocking Web Content
  • White-list URLs
  • Tamper Proof
  • Remotely Viewing Activities
  • Alert Word Notifications
  • Multiple Platforms Supported
  • Tracking Website History
  • Tracking Chats & Photos
  • Viewing Apps Usage
  • Tracking Geo-location
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Policy Creation
  • Geo-locating Laptop
  • Retrieving & Deleting Files
  • Monitoring & Control Laptop

Company Information

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