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Provides free web and mobile prototyping and UI mockup software that allows you to design your prototype faster and better together. It features powerful design tool, real-time design presentation and collaboration, seamless design communication, design project management, version control and sync, and more. The easy prototyping feature offers template creation, animations, and screen-size previewing.

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InVision Quick Info

The creation of a new product, whether it is digital or material, is an absolutely great task to achieve. Bringing an idea to fruition, with the result being an absolute success, is an important part of the operation for any company of any size. InVision is a platform that can be best summarized as a “product design management” application. This extensive suite of various modules is suitable for managing digital projects of different sizes. It also contains several tools that streamline the process of ideation and blueprinting of the project.

Through InVision, companies can develop rough prototypes of both web applications and desktop-based applications. The tools are intuitive and the platform is responsive, so the client satisfaction while using the editing tools is maximum. The prototypes are designed to be interactive too, so the team can see how the application is supposed to behave and modify it according to their requirements.

Creating the best digital designs through InVision

InVision is a product that allows developers to turn an innovative, potentially profitable idea into a fully realized application ready to be served to the general public. Its dynamic toolset is usable and is used extensively, by single-person startups, multinational Fortune-100 companies and everything in between. Teams can manage every part of the application lifecycle initiation, i.e. up to the development of the actual application. Also, there are powerful tools that allow developers to create web-based interactive prototypes of applications (both desktop-type and portable) and websites, whose designs can be optimized for different types of platforms through the tools too.

Total team collaboration allows smarter testing and development

InVision melds seamlessly into the workflow of the team and allows every member to showcase their specialty to the fullest extent through rigorous designing, modifying and testing. The initial prototype designing process starts with the Craft module, which gives developers a lot of flexibility and a simple interface so that they can put their idea on the screen. These prototypes can then be tested by authorized entities and can be modified if required. All changes get synced automatically into the final project, but it can also be reverted to an earlier version through a hotspot feature.

Top Features

  • Advanced Animations
  • Advanced Transitions
  • Cross-platform Supported
Project Management & Communication
  • Check Project Status
  • Project Management Automation
  • Contextual Feedbacks
  • Thread Conversation
  • Custom Boards Creation
  • Managing Assets
Collaboration & Control
  • In-browser Meeting Designing
  • Guided Product Tours
  • Unlimited Version Histories
  • Integrate Deep Service
User Testing & Design
  • Unlimited Audios & Videos
  • Environment Testing
  • Generating Instant Codes
  • Downloadable Components

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