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InviteBox is a referral program platform with Refer-a-Friend widget for your business. There are various referral program types available, including instant reward, goal-based rewards, referral contests, as well as sweepstakes and giveaways. It offers Startup, Small Business, and Unlimited pricing options, with various features, including quick launch, flexible rewards, actionable analytics, and social media integration.

Top Ten InviteBox alternatives are (1) ReferralCandy (2) Ambassador (3) InviteReferrals (4) Social Annex (5) Refersion (6) Referral SaaSquatch (7) Extole (8) FriendBuy (9) S Loyalty and (10) Talkable

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15 Alternatives



15 Alternatives

Top InviteBox Alternatives

Top Features

General Features
  • Social Referral Program
  • Design Referral Program
  • Instant Rewards
  • Goal Based Rewards
  • Referral Contest
  • Sweepstake Offers
  • Giveaway Rewards
Reward Feature
  • Valuable Perks
  • High Value Bonus
  • Recurring Sweepstakes
  • One Time Promo

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