By: Irfan Skiljan.

Offers a free solution to those who want to view and edit various image files for non-commercial use, with compact and lightweight installation. Provides various graphic-related features that help both beginners and professionals to work with their image files easily.

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15 Alternatives

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IrfanView Quick Info

IrfanView is a freeware tool that can be used to view, modify and organize audiovisual content, i.e. photos, videos, and sound clips. It’s convenient enough for home users, but also has enough unique features to make it perfect for commercial uses too. It is lightweight and extremely fast and is available for all the major versions of the Windows OS, both for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Initially released in 1996 by Irfan Škiljan, its file support has grown over the years and includes EMF, FSH, PCX and PBM formats along with the common GIF, JPEG and BMP, etc. formats. It can also be used for creating image files from scratch, which is commendable when related to its small size. This is perfect for people who want a fast, tiny app for organizing and viewing their gallery.

Powerful gallery features in an ultra-small package

IrfanView provides support for many file formats, including MP3, MPEG, and several such formats, so it can be additionally used as a music player or a video player as well, even though it was initially intended as an image viewer. The files can be either shown at once in a customizable gallery view, a single file view or as an automatic slideshow, which can be played along with MP3 music files for a beautiful viewing experience. A very unusual feature is that IrfanView can be used to create .exe slideshows for any Windows supporting devices; making it really useful in both the education and entertainment field.

Using IrfanView for simple edits and file operations

Apart from viewing and organizing, IrfanView can also be used to perform single or batch operations on files. It can be used to change file formats, create icons and edit images, and can be used to capture scanner input. Additionally, screenshots can be captured using IrfanView. Batch image processing is also possible, with options to modify image features like gamma, contrast, and brightness for multiple images at once.

Company Information

Company Name: Irfan Skiljan.