IVPN is a virtual private network system suitable for both home users and power users. Unlike other VPN services, IVPN takes pride in its speedy connections, which takes place without compromising on security. It is utilized with efficiency by thousands of users around the globe, taking back their digital freedom on their mobile and computers. It also targets snoopy organizations with its integrated anti-tracking system.

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IVPN Quick Info

No unprotected connection is safe on the internet. User data has become a multi-billion dollar industry today, and it is not safe at all, not even from the user's own ISP. VPN services are designed to rectify this problem, along with several other issues that threaten the user's accessibility of the internet. Unfortunately, most VPN services themselves keep a log of user data and tends to be slow in their connection. IVPN is a novel new integrated VPN solution that mitigates both problems with guaranteed compliance and incredible speeds.

A VPN that actually protects its users

Navigating through the landscapes of the internet is a much riskier campaign than people often think. There is a multitude of malicious elements always ready to snoop on the user's private connections in the name of "analytics" and "good user experience." With IVPN, users can navigate through this minefield of corporations and hackers without leaving any trace of their existence. This protection is made possible through the incorporation of encryption into every connection, be its standard or secure. Additionally, it also protects the user from hackers on shared networks like Wi-Fis to the degree that even secure online payments are possible on it.

The mechanisms that make it possible

IVPN takes a secure approach towards making connections to any user-desired server. It is done from the very first phase of the connection-making process, i.e., connecting with the ISP. IVPN makes a rerouted connection to the ISP first, which goes through a private VPN server going through a network location of the user's choice. This technique also serves to change the digital area of the user to prevent digital tracking or triangulation. The private server that is first connected to securely deletes every log of the user and encrypts every subsequent connection, ensuring security and anonymity.

Anti-tracking services for extra security

IVPN's AntiTracker further improves on the protection provided by it by terminating tracking requests that many websites use. This behavior supposedly enhances user experience, but usually does nothing more than capture private user data and sell it in bulk to companies for customized ads.

Company Information

Company Name: IVPN

Founded In: 2009

Twitter ID: ivpnnet

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