By: Talldude Networks, LLC

Jamroom provides a community CMS platform that you can run on your own server. It allows you to brand your community, control your social platform, let users generate new content for your website, as well as expand and customize your platform. The core software can be downloaded for free, with free and paid modules available.

Top Ten Jamroom alternatives are (1) SocialEngine (2) Ning (3) Yammer (4) HumHub (5) Nimble (6) SocialGo (7) Jcow (8) phpDolphin (9) Zyncro and (10) Sharetronix

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15 Alternatives



15 Alternatives

Top Jamroom Alternatives

Top Features

  • Custom Branding & Control
  • Custom Web Hosting
  • Unencrypted Source Code
  • Big Data Server
  • Unencrypted PHP Code
  • Template-based Layout Customization
  • CSS-based Design
  • Multiple Quotas
  • Multiple Proflie Groups
  • Setup Assorted Resources
  • Differentiate Service Levels
  • Automated Files Transcoding
  • Converting Audio Files
  • Converting Video Files
  • Automated File Conversation
  • Advanced Media Charting
  • Advanced Media Statistics

Company Information

Company Name: Talldude Networks, LLC

Founded In: 2003

Address: 2885 Sanford Ave Sw #15132, Grandville, MI, USA

Facebook ID: Jamroomdotnet

Twitter ID: Jamroom


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Small Business
Pricing Model
  • Free Download
  • On Premise