By: JotForm Inc.

JotForm is a web-based form builder software provided by JotForm Inc., a company based in San Francisco, California, USA. It features SSL secure submission, payment processor, data storage, sub-user accounts, unlimited forms and reports, file upload, and more. There are various plugins available, including Dropbox forms, email newsletter, file downloader, Salesforce integration, JotPoll, and more.

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15 Alternatives

Top JotForm Alternatives

JotForm Quick Info

Jotform is a tool that helps businesses in building and publishing forms on their website. Forms are a great way of collecting customer data which not only helps in understanding customer preferences but also the overall performance of the website. For instance, a high percentage of website visitors filling the form translates to better website performance and viz. Building intuitive and engaging forms requires the use of form building tools. Jotform is one of the popular form building tools used by businesses around the world.

Capabilities of the tool

The tool offers features that help users to build different types of forms such as assign forms, mobile forms, payment forms and HIPAA forms among others. The assign forms allow the employees to assign forms to different customers and share the form links with them. This form can be a great way of reaching out to existing customers to understand the possible pain points in service and consequently eliminate them. The forms can also be used to collect data from employees. In addition to the ability to assign members, the tool also provides the option to track the status of forms.

Getting more out of mobile forms

Apart from these, the tool also offers options to build mobile forms. The tool offers features that help customers fill such forms in the offline mode as well. The user can also add several dynamic fields such as photo capture, barcode scanner and signature capture to the form and make it more authentic and relevant. The tool also offers a kiosk mode that enables collecting data of several customers through the use of a single device. This feature comes handy during conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions.

Payment and HIPAA forms

The tool can also be used to build payment forms. Custom branding and design options, as well as safety features such as high-grade SSL, are offered by the tool. In addition to these, the tool also offers hundreds of pre-built mobile-ready payment templates that make the creation of forms easy and quick for users. HIPAA forms can also be built using the tool. The HIPAA forms can be used to automate workflows in the healthcare sector and provide patients a positive and hassle-free experience.

Top Features

  • Online Payment Processors
  • Google Docs
  • Cloud Services
  • Integrate Salesforce
  • Create Forms
  • Tailor-Made Templates
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Upload Files
  • Highly Trusted Service
  • Multiple User Management
  • Storage Space
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Manage Data
  • File Sharing
  • Mobile Ready
  • Numerous Industry Types
  • Multimedia Upload

Company Information

Company Name: JotForm Inc.

Founded In: 2006

Address: 1700 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA, USA

Facebook ID: JotForm

Twitter ID: jotform


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Startup
  • Small Business
  • Mid Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Free Plan
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Cloud