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Provides interactive wireframing software designed specifically for web and mobile. It features web interactions, mobile gestures, transitions and effects, image hot spots, rounded borders, image synchronization, web emulator, navigation map, sketch and shapes, widget creation, and more. It offers mobile simulation and testing, which includes Android app viewer, mobile emulators, and user testing tools integration.

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Justinmind Quick Info

Justinmind is a software platform that lets users prototype the web or mobile application they have developed. Making a prototype helps users in having a final look and then finally release their applications. Prototyping is a highly important stage and helps developers catch the bugs in UI and possible problems in UX. Some of the big names that have been relying on the services of Justinmind are – Adobe, Siemens, Sony, and Verizon. Software is available for desktops running on Windows and macOS.

Develop the best

Justinmind allows Software development, web app development, and mobile development as per user preferences by providing them with tools that allow them to design wireframes using an interactive drag and drop style features. Want to develop from scratch without actually coding? Justinmind is just what you need. Apart from designing basic wireframes and controlling visuals, users also get the power to control how users will interact with their application or platform.

Web interactions include controlling animations and transitions. These can be controlled for every link that can be clicked or tapped upon by a customer. The other surprise this software holds for users is controlling mobile gestures. Mobile gestures can make or break the deal as they can be used efficiently to make the user experience seamless by deciding upon right transitions and animations in case of every action like swipe, tap, or rotate.

Most reliable Prototype

While developing service is one aspect of Justinmind, the main remedy provided by Justinmind deals in prototyping. The platform allows users to control the way apps get presented in different phones, desktops, and tablets using the prototype option; that's because they get the option to add a flexible resolution option. The option ensures that the application designed is compatible with standard screen resolutions in the market. It gets verified by preview so users can see it by themselves.

Apart from using prototypes for coming over resolution problems, they can also be used for coming over any doubts users have at the back of their minds. Doubts or suspicions are obvious to occur in every developer's mind regarding the UI or features. While the issue of UI gets resolved by the flexible resizing option, the same is not the case for features. In the case of features, Justinmind executes the command of a particular feature and lets users interact with the part, so they get the idea of how things feel or work.

The mentioned features give Justinmind a definite edge above other software of the same domain and hence, make it an obvious choice for top organizations to have it in their arsenal.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Access
  • Google Glasses
  • Custom Widgets Creation
  • Sketching & Shapes
  • Embedding HTML & Documents
  • Web Interactions
  • Mobile Gestures
  • Transitions and Effecting
Visual Design
  • Images Hotspoting
  • Colors & Shadows
  • Syncing Images
  • Rounded Borders
  • Illustration Integration
  • Drag-and-drop Images
  • Adjusting Images
  • Smart Guides
  • SVG Files
Simulation & Testing
  • Web Emulator
  • Integrate Testing Tools
  • Iphone & Ipad Viewer
  • Android App Viewer
  • Mobile Emulator
  • Interactive HTML & JS
  • Generating Documents
  • Customize Documents
  • Navigation Mapping
Reuse Content & Styles
  • In-built Templates
  • Styles Customization
  • Using Masters
  • Publishing & Reviewing
  • Managing Reviewers
  • Public & Private Prototypes
  • Comment System
  • Comment Syncing
Business Tools
  • Data Variables
  • Conditional Navigation
  • Validating Forms
  • Simulate Forms
  • Datagrids
  • Testing Data
  • Business Logic
Teamwork and Version Control
  • Team Prototyping
  • Version Controlling
  • Team Widgets Sharing
  • Online & Offline Teamworking
Functional Scenarios
  • Diagram Flows
  • Validate Flow
Requirements Management
  • Versions Requirements
  • Third-party Tools Integration
  • Categorize Requirements
  • CMMI Compliance
  • Access API
  • SDK Support
  • Tutorials & Examples

Company Information

Company Name: www.justinmind.com

Founded In: 2005

Address: 225 Bush St Fl 12, San Francisco, CA, USA

Facebook ID: JustInMind-Prototyper-90153054718/

Twitter ID: just_in_mind