Kaspersky Password Manager

By: Kaspersky Lab.

With advanced (and secure) form filling and login management, Kaspersky Password Manager is probably one of the most affordable solution to store multiple passwords securely as well as secure notes and much more. Backed by leading anti virus software company offers a password manager with Zero-Knowledge security that's multi platform.

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Kaspersky Password Manager

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Kaspersky Password Manager Quick Info

Passwords are important, this is no secret. But human brains are not designed for holding too many important things at once, making you fumble with the right password when you need it the most. Kaspersky knows it is extremely tedious to remember all your passwords in this world of ever-growing connectivity.

Now you don’t have to remember, write down or store your passwords elsewhere, making them ultra-vulnerable to stealing. Kaspersky being one of the most trusted internet security services presents you with a solution to manage your passwords and more.

Ultimate Security Coupled with Convenience

Kaspersky stores all your passwords in an impenetrable vault, and all you have to do is remember the one master password to your Kaspersky vault. If you think that is too much as well, you can just access the vault with your fingerprint. This works with a zero-knowledge policy, meaning that Kaspersky doesn’t know anything about your data. In addition to passwords, you could also save bank account details, passport details and other secure information within your vault.

Speed Comes First

It is always a laborious process to fill in online forms, especially when you are short of time. Kaspersky’s smart management system fills your forms for you. You can also import your login details from your browsers, generate strong secure passwords for new accounts that you don’t have to remember and notifies existing weak passwords. Kaspersky password manager can also secure your images and PDF documents from unwarranted theft or duplication.

Company Information

Company Name: Kaspersky Lab.

Founded In: 1997


Platform Support
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
Pricing Model
  • Yearly Subscription

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