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Kinsta is a popular WordPress hosting service allowing users to host their small or big WordPress websites and application on a fast and reliable server. They have various plans which differ with the number of visitors, disk space, and a few other parameters. Some noticeable features include SSL security, expert hosting and WordPress support, free site migration, fast page load speed, location based data centers, and many more.

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14 Alternatives

Top Kinsta Alternatives

Kinsta Quick Info

Kinsta provides you one of the premium services for your business to host your website on WordPress. It takes care of everything that you need regarding the website hosting and also provides the services which are based on very high-end technology. Kinsta also promises that it provides best-in-class support services to its customers.

What are some of the major benefits of working with Kinsta?

Key features of using the Kinsta for hosting services is that it lets you migrate to its platform without charging anything. It also provides you the facility to backup your data daily as well as manage everything completely without slowing down anything. It also helps you to link everything from the Google cloud platform so that you do not lose your data any cost. And that date is also secured too.

While working with Kinsta, you should be stress-free and retain your peace of mind so that you can focus on how to grow your business rather than the website hosting and related chaos. Kinsta provides awesome customer service support so that you do not have any problem at any time. Whatever your problem is, there are experts available to help you out. 

What are the monitoring services offered by Kinsta?

Kinsta also presents you with an amazing dashboard that displays every information and insight in the form of great analytics so that you can understand everything better and track everything to get control over all your website data. It also lets you compare the analytical data separately for specific fields like response time, visitor count, bandwidth usage, etc.

What are the billing formalities?

Kinsta provides many kinds of different plans that you can choose from. Starting from a starter from business as well as enterprise level. Basically, you have to pay only for the limited services that you need to have for your business. First, analyze the requirements that you have and then choose your plan accordingly. 

The features of common to all the plans are that you will get excellent support and along with speed and network which is completely secure. You will also get a powerful tool for all the administration as well. The customers are also given the liability of choosing from the region of the Google Data Center as per their convenience.  

Top Features

Core Features
  • Website Migration
  • Fast Speed Loads
  • Location Tracking
  • Content Delivery Network
  • SSL & SPDY Supported
  • IPv4 Addresses
  • Advanced Security
  • Data Backups
  • Automatic Updates
  • Hack Fixing
  • Staging Sites
Developers Features
  • Nginx Supported
  • PHP5-FPM Supported
  • Redis & Memcached Supported
  • Managed Infrastructure
  • Stapling HSTS & OCSP

Company Information

Company Name: Kinsta Ltd.

Founded In: 2013

Address: 71–75 Shelton Street Covent Garden, London, UK

Facebook ID: kinstahosting

Twitter ID: kinstahosting