By: OrangeScape Inc

KiSSFLOW is an online workflow automation tool used by thousands of business across the world for business process automation. KiSSFLOW works in five simple steps where customers get to decide the workflow process, build form, design workflow, set permissions and start using it. It gives users complete control through a unified home screen with ease of initiating process requests and taking actions. In depth analytics, third-party integration and multiple device compatibility are other features.

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  • Bizagi BPM Suite
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  • Comindware Tracker
  • K2’s workflow
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  • Activiti
  • Appian
  • Joget Workflow
  • UiPath


15 Alternatives

Top KiSSFLOW Alternatives

KiSSFLOW Quick Info

A fast paces workplace requires a digital platform for almost all procedures whether you work in a restaurant for receiving payments, placing orders or managing your employees and their payrolls or almost any activity in the corporates and small scale offices. You need a smoother and subtle flow of the process. A digital workplace and a process management software comes handy in this case but asks for nearly half a 100,000 dollars annually which are not affordable for everybody and don’t possibly give you the desired results.

 Various project management, collaboration, and case management software comes in different variants and marks a hole in your budget. The Kiss flow digital workplace, therefore, is the place that gives you all the above benefits in one single platform.

About Kiss Flow and its contribution to making your workplace digital and efficient in terms of management and collaborations.

Kiss Flow is established by young and a dedicated team that is empowered with ideas passion and that bring realistic solutions in work.

Kiss Flow offers more than 121 countries around the world and serves over 10,000 customers. They have more than 2 million loyal users and 500 clients that keep growing day by day. Their work powering software serves for the leading world-class brands like Flipkart, telegraph, Dominos, Motorola, and Pepsi as their loyal clients and customers. The site and the company is an association of the Orange scape that helps top leaders in the E-commerce and other businesses achieve their day to day work goals.

Pricing, features and the advance uses of the software for a super smooth and balanced workflow in your organization

The software helps in various aspects like communication with your audiences and employees, coordination, gain control over your business and reduce blockages and speed up the integration process along with an overall analysis of your work.

The pricing depends on the number of users involved which differs from Starter, Growing and Enterprise variants ranging from $480 per month for 30 users, $690 for 50 and $1300 plus for 100 users and more, all billed monthly.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Drag-n-Drop Fields & Reorder
  • Capturing Data
  • Custom Forms
  • Tailor-made Process Flow
  • Setup SLAs & Deadlines
  • Rules Configuration
  • Tracking Progress
  • Viewing Request Histories
  • Tracking Overall Efficiency
  • Tracking Process Time
  • Delegate Approvals
  • Re-assign Process Requests
  • Workspace Configuration
  • Multiple Language
  • Logo & Colors Customization
  • Custom Currency & Timezone
  • Ad-hoc Reports Configuration
  • Sharing Reports
  • Leverage Process Metrics

Company Information

Company Name: OrangeScape Inc

Founded In: 2012

Address: 800 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA, USA

Twitter ID: kissflow