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Launchrock is a site builder software designed specifically to help you acquire more customers for your business. It features modern block-based builder, 100% responsive design, customer commitment tools, social network sharing, Launchrock audience platform, viral marketing, powerful analytics tools, customer data reporting, customer segmentation, and more. The software is provided to you free of charge.

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LaunchRock Quick Info

Launchrock is a service by that aims to build attractive promotional websites for those companies launching a new product or service. The facilities can be used by any type of company by an employee having any level of technical know-how.

This simplicity makes it very popular amongst companies, both big and small. Launchrock not only offers tools to make the website but also offers analytics tools to let companies know how much traction their newly launched product has gained In the markets.

Skyrocketing the launch hype

Launchrock is created to give an initial boost to the popularity of a product before and shortly after its launch. The Launchrock suite has an application that can be used to create a website to promote the product. The application allows content-laden websites to be created quickly through its intuitive interface. Websites can be created through various modules, each made for a different purpose.

These modules can be arranged according to the user's designs. Existing templates help with the designing part by giving a view into the most trending website layouts. Tech-savvy users with programming knowledge can further customize the website using HTML scripting. The launched website can either be hosted in a company specified web domain or a custom domain may be acquired from Launchrock itself.

Attracting customers in a smarter way

With Launchrock, companies can directly interact with their subscribers to further up the hype. The launch can be optimized for user searches through SEO tools provided in the system. Through these two tools, companies can easily gather more and more customers for their initial launch event.

After the launch, the companies can clearly see the progress of their promotion, set goals and collect such insightful data about their efforts. This data can be used to analyze which section of the demographic is most responsive to the campaigns, thus identifying the target demographic. This can be used to make future ads highly targeted and more successful.

Top Features

  • Modern Block-based Builder
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Custom HTML Blocks
  • Responsive Design
  • Commitment Tools
  • Capturing Sign-up
  • Capturing Pre-sale Commerce
  • Social Sharing
  • Powerful Analytics Tool
  • Viewing Customer Data
  • Viewing Referral Impact
  • Segments Customers Lists
  • Powerful Analysis & Promotion

Company Information

Company Name: Launchrock

Founded In: 2011

Address: 1322 Manning Pkwy, Powell, Ohio, USA

Facebook ID: launchrock

Twitter ID: launchrock

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