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LeadDyno is an affiliate marketing plugin for E-Commerce websites supported by various CMSs including Shopify, Bigcommerce, PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, Chargify, Squarespace, etc. LeadDyno is a complete affiliate management and tracking software that allows site owners to recruit affiliates, track affiliate performance, help them promote and share on social sites, set commissions for different products, send affiliate invitation email, pay affiliates automatically using Paypal or other methods, and customize affiliate programs.

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LeadDyno Quick Info

LeadDyno is an online software market tracking system that provides a comprehensive set of functions and allows you to access the activities and results of your marketing endeavors. It offers simple automated software for running an affiliate program and track from where the leads are coming from. It is easy for installation and helps you easily track the visitors over the website.


It also allows you to direct the content to the affiliates to broadcast them via various social media networks, email, and web. Its efficient automation system allows you to stay connected and engaged while motivating them. One of its most powerful concepts is to create viral emails to provide one-click affiliate and one-click social sharing.


Keeping PayPal Mass updated


LeadDyno allows you to pay in various ways such as Dwolla, via PayPal, or even manually. But at times when PayPal wrongly without any warning disfavors the popular way, it lets you pay multiple affiliate commissions just at one time. This way it’s easy to create new affiliates and track the progress on a real-time basis. It shows that the PayPal Mass Pay alliance system is a quick and easy way to make transactions happen between large numbers of affiliates with minimized efforts.


Big Commerce Integration


LeadDyno offers integration with major big BigCommerce businesses with a single click system which is an uncommonly easy way to continue the affiliate program. It also helps to synchronize affiliate codes and assigns them to affiliates BigCommerce coupons. This way affiliates can pass around their codes via offline and still be credited for the sales and earn a commission from their social media sales.




In case you are running an affiliate program in some random country and you wish to tailor some of the language details from the affiliate dashboard, you can easily make the particular use of it. It requires setting up a custom CSS file and following the steps to ensure at last that the customization has been made. Using this technique, one can easily internalize and customize the language across the affiliate dashboard.

Top Features

  • New User Signup
  • Existing User Login
  • Copying Referral Link
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Customizing Banner Ads
  • Newsletters
  • Updated Link Availability
  • Affiliate Invitation Interface
  • Website Pages Link
  • Automated Email
  • Advanced Affiliate Dashboard
  • Flexible Affiliate's Payment
  • Tracking Conversions
  • Tracking Google Adwords

Company Information

Company Name: LeadDyno

Founded In: 2012

Address: 1600 H St Suite 409, Sacramento, CA, USA

Facebook ID: leaddyno

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