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Lemlist is a unique e-mail marketing software that prides itself on its ability to maximize reach and deliverability. This means that despite being a marketing mail, the Lemlist software ensures that companies who use its services always end up being amongst the first mails in the landing page of any customer’s email inbox.

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lemlist Quick Info

At Lemlist, the developers understood that sending out cold email is one of the most preferred modes of communication, especially for business that has started their operations and is looking to reach out to more and more people. Although an effective method, cold emails often discourage these entrepreneurs simply because they do not enjoy an active reply rate and it takes a lot of time to establish a potential relationship with the prospective customer.

Lemlist has attempted to bridge this gap by providing customers with personalised images and curated content that develops better relationships, saves time for everyone and creates a much warmer environment. Where potential customers can eventually lead to an increase in sales numbers and drive revenues and overall growth.


Lemwarm is an advanced feature which ensures that customer and client relationships reach a new high. The feature lets companies and businesses set up several emails that are supposed to be sent out daily and can also avail the option of responding to the email via an automated process. The software also comes attached with a comprehensive dashboard. Which provides the overall information regarding all the emails that are being sent out per day. Users are also notified regarding whether the email is reaching the customers or if they are directly being sent into the spam folders.

Scheduled emails

The Lemlist application allows users to schedule the time when their emails will be sent. This feature lets users use their email marketing feature according to the various time zones, instead of sending out numerous emails at once, which could end up not being read by the potential customers.


Lemlist comes along with a range of innovative and unique features that takes email-based marketing to the next level. The software comes at an unbeatable price that beats the competition, all the while ensuring that users get to experience the most advanced tools that drive businesses further forward.

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