Established and overseen by a non-profit organization, The Document Foundation, LibreOffice is a next-level open-source office suite, designed primarily to aid the documentation requirements of people and companies alike, without any cost. Apart from Basic Writer, Presentation Maker, and a Spreadsheet Tool, LibreOffice also supports editing Vector Graphics, Mathematical Formulae, and Database Management. Derived from the OpenOffice Suite, it has succeeded in attracting over 200 million active users worldwide, thanks to its exceptional features at zero-cost rates. LibreOffice is an open-source and free office software developed by a non-profit institution The Document Foundation. The main motive of this software is to promote open and non-restricting access to office among users. Apart from providing all the typical services of an office software it also contains the feature of editing math formulas and equations.



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LibreOffice Quick Info

In today’s modern world, working on paper has now become obsolete and people have chosen digital office as the alternative. LibreOffice has made it free so that every citizen can use it without any restrictions. It offers various tools such as Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, etc. Apart from that, it contains many new features for creating more innovative documents. LibreOffice is trusted and used by many countries’ ministries like Brazil, France, Spain for their official use.

Promoting Open Documents

LibreOffice believes in open sourcing and therefore uses Open Document Format (ODF) which is an unrestricted and ISO standardized data setup. Although the documents are fully public, they can be protected with a password. The ODF has its extensions for word text, presentations, spreadsheets, and graphics. The benefit of ODF is that you can transfer your data to different operating systems without any monetary restrictions. Since it is standardized, other office software can support this file format as well.

Different office tools

LibreOffice contains all the basic tools of the office as well as high-level features. Calc is the spreadsheet tool that has various extra components such as Scenario Manager which helps in comparing the profits of different levels of sales. The word document comes with an Autocorrect Dictionary that helps in catching all the grammatical mistakes and makes your file error-free. While creating presentations, the FontWorks tool allows you to build attractive images using texts. It also enables you to create a desktop database using Base as well as different types of graphical charts.

How is it better than others?

Other projects are way behind LibreOffice as it brings out regular updates with better features. The ability to export different file extensions makes it more preferable than others. It enables the users to edit the documents online as well. The software guarantees total security with the digital signing of the OOXML. LibreOffice has collaborated with enterprises such as Collabora, CIB, Red Hat, and many others to improve its performance. With more than 15,000 source code updates in 2019, LibreOffice offers much better services than its rivals. 

Top Features

  • Powerful Office Suite
  • Get It Free
  • Multiple Applications
  • Fast Word Processing
  • Make Graphics & Flowcharts
  • Professional Output
  • Compatible With All Formats
  • Get In Many Languages
  • NotebookBar Interface
  • Fast Document Processing
  • High Security
  • Get Access Anywhere

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