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LimeSurvey is an exhaustive survey tool with an open-source license. Founded in 2003 as PHPSurveyor, it was first released on the Source Forge site. It was even used in US presidential elections in 2004 to combat voting irregularities. LimeSurvey hosts over 28 question types, HTML editor, multiple language surveys, and offers subscription-based plans with advanced tools designed for different-sized businesses.

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LimeSurvey Quick Info

In the free version of LimeSurvey Pro, we get access to max 25 responses per survey, max 10 administrators, and only 10 MB of storage. However, it has no feature restrictions, but has no white labeling and displays ads on the last page. Compared to this, the paid versions are LimeSurvey Pro Basic, Expert, and Enterprise.

LimeSurvey Pro Features

The Pro Basic is priced at $24 per month, allowing 1000 responses, unlimited surveys, and admins, ads-free, and a white labeling feature too. Compared to this, the annual Expert Plan has an additional alias domain, 10k responses, and storage of about 1 GB. The LimeSurvey Enterprise edition is made for bigger businesses supporting over 100k response per year, with two aliases domains and 3 GB upload storage, priced at $849 annually.

Users get access to various types of LimeSurvey questions and elements like matrix, dates, genders, number inputs, sliders, ratings, and text-blocks. It also has language changer, MCQ, list boxes, short/long texts, and even equations. Another feature it supports is language-specific with support for over 80 languages and other translation tools. It also has panel integration tools with quota definitions, predefined URLs, etc. In the question definition section, LimeSurvey offers WYSIWYG editor, JavaScript addition, inserting an image, videos, and even importing other surveys and questionnaires.

Limesurvey Logic and CE

In the survey logic, admins can use skip logic, piping, assessment rules, micro tailoring, etc. To determine the range of survey coverage, users can add open/limited surveys, bulk reminders or invitations, offline surveys, and mail server support. The surveys are 100% anonymized, and no identity parameters are saved other than this, they offer a diverse range of features for participants, SEA/SEO, survey design, advanced statistics and reporting, and multiple data export formats.

LimeSurvey CE made to be installed on self-made servers in the community version. This version is designed for multiple months, like one month for free users, three months, six months, and a one-year LimeSurvey subscription. The costs are much cheaper than the above LimeSurvey Pro version, being $11, 8, and $7, respectively. LimeSurvey truly works as one of the leading survey providers.

Company Information

Company Name: LimeSurvey

Founded In: 2006

Twitter ID: LimeSurvey

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