By: LiquidPlanner, Inc.

Provides online IT project management software designed for technology teams. It features project scheduling and organization, team planning and coordination, built-in project collaboration, time tracking and approval, project analysis and reporting, and native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. It offers various third-party integrations, including Google Drive, Zapier, Box, Salesforce, Dropbox, and more.

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LiquidPlanner Quick Info

It is the world’s first project-management software that automatically adapts itself to the ever-changing project scenario. It behaves almost like a liquid that takes the shape of the vessel in which it is poured. It is designed to transform your imagination into reality. It gives you a centralized view of the progress of your project so far.

This helps you to make wiser decisions in the future. Effective communication amongst your team members is necessary to get your project completed in a stipulated time. With LiquidPlanner, you can now seamlessly communicate with other team members of yours, which will ultimately boost the quality of the project output.

Execute work like never before

LiquidPlanner ensures that you are always updated on the resources available for your project. In case your resources are limited, it aids you in formulating a different strategy to complete your project.

Any step that you take will have its own consequences. Wouldn’t it be better if you could somehow get an estimate on the impact your decision is going to have on the project? LiquidPlanner comes handy in such situations. It gives you a clear glimpse of the work everyone is doing. This helps you in detecting any fraudulent behaviour in the course of your project before it becomes too late.


LiquidPlanner believes in reality and not in false simulations. The commitment of all your team members is necessary to get your project done. A minute's lack of commitment from any member’s side can lead to disastrous consequences. LiquidPlanner lets you see how much effort your team members are putting into the project.

The efficient collaboration of your team members is necessary for your project. Get valuable insights into the working of the project. Create reports which are easy to understand. It is a complete package to get your job done well before the due time, with great ease.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Core Features: Upto 2000 Projects
  • Unlimited Active Clients
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Upto 500GB Storage
  • Unlimited Virtual Members
  • Unlimited Internal Dashboards
  • Unlimited External Dashboards
  • Quick Start
  • API Access
  • Managing Expenses
  • Single Sign-On
  • Dynamic Project Management
  • Organizing Work
  • Team Collaboration
  • Managing Resources
  • Capturing Project
  • Unlocking Hidden Data
  • Time Tracking
  • Status Meetings
  • Connection Tools

Company Information

Company Name: LiquidPlanner, Inc.

Founded In: 2006

Address: 2324 Eastlake Avenue East 300, Seattle, WA, USA

Facebook ID: liquidplanner

Twitter ID: liquidplanner