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LiveChat provides real-time chat analytics and software solutions for e-commerce sales and support agents. It allows for simple communication between website owners and prospective buyers who might be stuck around the fence on their website. Some of its features include canned responses, message sneak-peak, visitor information, mobile chatting, customized agent profiles and more.

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LiveChat Quick Info

Good: Advanced customization options, visitor monitoring, chat and ticket tagging, social media integration, customizable chat administration options, 30-day free trial.

Bad: No real-time language translation, costlier plan options.

Overall: Offered as an SaaS model, LiveChatInc Software provides cross-platform chat support to small and medium businesses as well as large corporations.

Launched in the year 2002, LiveChatInc offers its users a variety of chat features and web analytics options. The chat interface is highly customizable, and there a number of tools available to maximize engagement between users and their customers. LiveChatInc's dashboard is presently available in 34 languages.

Customization Options

Most businesses prefer to be able to customize their chat user interface in line with their website's design and layout. LiveChatInc's chat window allows for a high degree of customization. Though there are a number of different templates to choose from, with a little knowledge of CSS users can customize almost every aspect of the chat window's appearance. You can also create personalized chat greetings for both new and existing customers, and set up 'eye-catchers' that help to immediately grab the attention of a visitor.


LiveChatInc allows chat operators to tag their chat logs and tickets and group all similar cases together prior to archiving them. A filtering option to search for a particular case makes searching and sorting quick and effortless, reducing the overall response time.

Tagging has other benefits, too. For instance, agents can use tags to quickly locate similar chat logs and use the responses provided there to answer new queries. Chat logs and tickets that have been tagged by product name or service can also be used to analyze a product's performance and identify recurring issues.  

Multiple Applications

There are multiple channels through which users can engage with their customers. Desktop applications are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Mobile applications are also provided for iOS and Android users. This option is particularly useful if yours is a small organization that works on the go. It can also be used by larger organizations to extend their working hours outside office, allowing your agents to occasionally telecommute.

Visitor Information

LiveChatInc allows your chat operators to access a plethora of information about your site's visitors before they engage in a chat. In addition to the visitor's name, contact details, current page and prior purchases (if any), the software also gives information about the user's browser platform and IP address. This not only allows agents to personalize a chat, but in the event of a user spamming the website, the agent can ban or block the miscreant's IP address.

Built-In Helpdesk

LivechatInc has a built-in ticketing system where visitors' messages can be automatically converted to tickets. Tickets can be also created manually from chat or archived chat. The helpdesk may not be as advanced and feature rich as standalone services but they can still be huge time saver when users don't rely heavily on them but need a lite version.

Proactive Invites

A live help software is incomplete these days without Proactive Invite or Engagement related features. These proactive invites are automated chat invitations sent to visitors based on certain activity. LivechatInc's automated chat greetings can be trigged based on variety of settings. Some of these settings includes trigger based on returning visit, based on visit length, geo location or by visiting certain page. Proactive Invites can do wonder by converting potential customers into sales when they are connected to sales agents.


LiveChatInc can be effortlessly integrated with popular third-party helpdesk, CRM and social media applications. Platforms like, Zendesk, Salesforce, and can be accessed straight from the chat window. LiveChatInc's integration with social media sites like Facebook allows visitors to engage in a chat directly from the company's Facebook page. This helps companies reach a much wider audience.

Administration and Transfer

LiveChatInc provides users the opportunity to create distinctive roles within the chat environment. Chat operators can be divided into agents who chat with your customers, and administrators who can chat with customers as well as modify your chat settings. You can also conduct a supervised chat to train new agents. There is also an option to transfer a chat between agents in case a more experienced agent is required to explain the matter or close a sale.


LiveChatInc provides a comprehensive knowledge base of documentation and FAQs for its users. There are guides and handbooks that are neatly categorized into different sections which makes searching for information easier and less time consuming. The 24/7 chat option helps you get instant clarifications if and when you need them.     


If you're looking for a highly customizable chat interface that also helps you understand your customer in the best possible way, then LiveChatInc's software is a worthwhile option. With tools that help you access customer information, chat logs and tickets, as well as manage your agents better, you can help your business grow by providing a high quality experience for your customers.

Top Features

General Features
  • Fast Chat
  • Website Chat
  • Instant Customer Support
  • Live Chat Business
  • Business Efficiency
  • Easy To Use Application
  • Automatic Greetings
  • Personal Greetings
  • Chat Report
  • Ticket Report
  • Filters
  • Daily Summary
  • Dashboard
Product features
  • Message Popup
  • Immediate Response
  • Visitor Info
  • File Sharing
  • Archiving Chat
  • Chat Transcript
  • Visitor Banning
  • Agent Profile
  • CSS Customization
  • Company Logo
  • Multiple Languages
  • Manual Chat Routing
  • FB Chat
  • After Hours Form

Company Information

Company Name: LiveChat, Inc.

Founded In: 2002

Address: One International Place, Suite 1400, Boston, MA, USA

Facebook ID: livechat

Twitter ID: LiveChat