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LivePerson is a customer engagement solution. It helps companies create long-lasting relationships with clients and measure valuable trends in real-time through a backend dashboard. The backend panel displays other relevant metrics like traffic sources and referrers, visitor website activity, and location. All support agents can access the integrated dashboard to get a better overview that will help them deal with every customer uniquely.

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15 Alternatives

Top LivePerson Alternatives

LivePerson Quick Info

Many brands and businesses are moving towards a more personalized and customer-centric approach to selling their products and services. Considering the data and analytics tools that are available these days, it makes perfect sense to do so. A concept that takes this idea forward is the concept of conversational commerce. It essentially means the use and integration of messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Apple business chat and WhatsApp among many others, with e-commerce. The concept is fast gaining traction among businesses and brands as it helps them take the customer-centric approach to a whole new level.

What is Liveperson?

Liveperson is one of the leading conversational commerce platforms that offer features that enable users to integrate messaging across all their conversational channels with their selling channels and help them gain more leads and conversions. The USP of the feature is that it covers all possible messaging channels including SMS, social media, and the website’s native chat. This enables it to cover clients across the entire spectrum and build a more scalable model. Marketing campaigns and customer care conversations can be initiated on these apps itself helping the brands build a more personalized experience. Businesses and brands that have shifted to conversational commerce have seen a 3x increase in conversions.

AI-powered chatbots

As high as 70% of the chat conversations with the customer can be automated. This helps reduce the reliance on agents and results in faster resolution of customer queries. To facilitate this, the platform offers AI-powered chatbots that can engage and interact with the customers seamlessly. The chatbots come with ready-to-use bot templates consisting of pre-configured intent and dialogue flows. These coupled with the natural language processing capabilities ensure that the chatbots always reply with the most suitable responses.

Call-to-message and advanced management features

Additionally, the platform also offers the call-to-message option that helps turn customer’s phone calls into messaging conversations. So instead of putting a customer’s call on hold, he can be simply diverted to a text conversation which helps in faster resolution of customer queries as well as helps in opening up a new channel for marketing. The advanced management features offered by the platform include options like real-time sentiment to measure conversation health, tools to enhance agent productivity like SmartCapacity and other reporting and analytics features.

Top Features

General Features
  • Mobile Messaging
  • Web messaging
  • Committed response time
  • IVR Messaging Immediate Response
  • Agent Activity Review
  • Automated Chat
  • Proactive Chat
Product Features
  • Text Specialisation
  • Historical Campaigns
  • Cross Session Reports
  • Visibility of Accounts
  • Customer Happiness
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Secure Data Chat
  • Easy Accessible Reports
  • Data Filtration

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